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Music Players?

Midnight to Six

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I'm looking for some advice on which to buy. I currently have an 8GB 1st Gen iPod Touch which is getting a little outdated. Not to mention I can't fit all my music on it. So the minimum size I want is 16GB. I only really want it for music and some videos. That's why iPod Touch's don't really appeal to me anymore as I don't use the apps, infact I have none on it atm as they take up too much room.

Basic Requirements:

  • At least 16GB
  • Under £200
  • Primarily for music and some videos
  • Preferably touch screen

Really what I want is good sound quality and ease of use. Thanks :)

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Re: Music Players?

The best I know of for sound quality is Creative's Zen X-Fi series. They completely blow iPods out of the water, and they sound quite a bit better than the Sony players I've heard too (and I rate Sony players highly for sound, so it's not like that's an easy achievement).

The touch screen version is the Zen X-Fi 2.

It's available on the Creative Online Store (link above), and costs £129.99 for the 16GB model, or £169.99 for 32GB.

If having a touch screen player isn't essential, there's also the original Zen X-Fi. This comes with slightly better earphones, giving even better sound than the newer X-Fi 2 (although the earphones you get with that are still very good), and is available as a Value Pack for the same price as the player on it's own. Basically thats just a proper mains charger (so you don't have to mess about with those rubbish USB chargers) and an armband.

This one is a bit cheaper too, so with the extra stuff you get, it's better value unless you really need a touch screen. £119.99 for 16GB, £159.99 for 32GB (I bought this one a while ago, and it's easily the best mp3 player I've ever owned).

They're as simple as anything else to use really. Once you've got used to what goes where in the menus, it's a piece of cake. The only thing I don't know is how easy it is to upload/convert videos (if they need converting, that is), as I've never bothered putting videos on my X-Fi.

Unlike most players, these also have SD slots (microSD on the X-Fi 2), so if you run out of space you can whack an SD card in, and have up to an extra 32GB (16GB for the X-Fi 2, as it's microSD and I don't think they make a 32GB microSD card yet).

The only down side I can really think of is the software it comes with. It's ok, but not as good as it could be. You don't have to use it though if you don't like it. It's compatible with Windows Media Player (maybe others too, but I'm not sure which ones). Having said that though, iTunes isn't that good and it doesn't seem to stop people buying iPods. :P

There are bigger screen players that are better for videos, but I recommended these as you said you want it mostly for music, so I'm guessing sound quality is more important.

That's what I'd get anyway. Hope I helped. :)

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