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[E]uro [C]hamps 730-Barcelona(New Season has started!)(New Updates)


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Welcome to my thread.This will include all the updates happening in EC 730 regarding Barcelona.I hope it will be a success and vistors are welcomed:).Though I managed this team for about 2 months now.I feel that it's a right time to start a thread like this to let people know more about the events happening in EC 730.

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Re: [E]uro [C]hamps 730-Barcelona

Romeo Lukaku


Today,Barcelona's Manager has decided to cash in on one of the future's biggest young talents,Romeo Lukaku.After several considerations,the manager decided to cash in 1.9mil and Federico Macheda to capture Romeo Lukaku from Chelsea.

Federico Macheda


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Re: [E]uro [C]hamps 730-Barcelona

Transfer Updates:

Players bidded and coming in



CABEZAS, Luis Cali

AJA, Pablo Puebla


MOSCA, Claudio

ROJO, Marcos

CASCO, Milton

VERA, Jesús





CUEVA, Christian

GAMARRA, Rodolfo

CABRERA, Rodrigo



OAR, Tommy

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Re: [E]uro [C]hamps 730-Barcelona

Post-Match Conference


Today,we will be having a cruicial match against Louis Sousa's in form Villareal.This match will decide the title for EC 730's Division 1 championshiop title.If Barcelona wins,they will be Div 1 champions.

Interviewer:Xavi,what are the chances of winning the title today at Villareal?

Xavi:IMO,we stand a good chance of winning but Villareal is a strong side.We must not underestimate them as we had a draw against them earlier in the season.

Xavi walks off from the post-match conference to continue his warmup for the game.

Who will be the winner today?Or will Fiorentina and Villareal catch up and snatch the title away from Barcelona?Tune in to find out tomorrow when the conference is held after the results.

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Re: [E]uro [C]hamps 730-Barcelona

Ec 730 Barcelona match updates:

Sorry to say that the title race between Fiorentina and Barcelona is still on with 2 games left to play while Villareal dropped out of the race due to the goalless draw.

Fury Fuzzy:I tried my best,I hope we can win against Internationalze in the next match to clinch the trophy.I mustn't let my guard down.It will be a dream to clinch the trophy in my 2nd season.


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Re: [E]uro [C]hamps 730-Barcelona Everyone's welcome to read/write a post/rate

13th Game of the season:

Barcelona wins with a score of 2-0 vs the formidable Internationalze


Fury Fuzzy:I'm happy that we have won the title in my 2nd season after I took over last season with 4 games to go.We are proud of the players and it's a day to celebrate.

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Re: [E]uro [C]hamps 730-Barcelona(Champions in Div 1) Feel free to rate/post

Post match Conference with Barca's Manager Fury Fuzzy:

Today's match will be a relaxed one as my team has already won the title.However,the relegation spots are still available in Div 1.Werder Bream,Liverpool and Internationalze are in danger of being relegated to Div 2.My team will be playing Liverpool while Internationalze will play Roma and Werder Bremen against Milan.

To the relegation teams,I will be playing a similar full strength squad for the match against Liverpool.It is to ensure fairness for the relegation threatened teams.It would be sad to see either Liverpool or Internationalze being relegated.Liverpool is a good team at the start and Internationalze has a strong squad and they are tough.

I hope tomorrow's game will be great for everyone as it is the last game of the season.I hope that my team will be the only undefeated team in Div 1 when the games are played tomorrow.

I would rest Iniesta as he is on 4 yellow cards and I wouldn't want to risk a suspension.The 1st team full backs will be rested for the game to allow the usual Subs to start.

Fury Fuzzy leaves the room and head off to the training ground with the team taking their break.

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Re: [E]uro [C]hamps 730-Barcelona(Champions in Div 1) Feel free to rate/post


Today is a great day for Barcelona's manager and the team.They had won Liverpool and the Division 1 title today.After beating Liverpool 4-0,Arjen Robben has been awarded the player of the year for his achievements.The team had gone undefeated for the whole season with 9 wins,5 draws and 0 loss.It is a remarkable achievement by both team and manager.

Samuel E'to and Diego Forlan has both emerged as the top scorer for Barcelona's team.Lionel Messi has emerged as the top assistor for Barcelona.Samuel E'to has emerged as the most man of the match award for the Div 1 and Barcelona.

To add on with the celebration,we welcome several new players to join the team.We hope that we will continue our 19 match unbeaten run for the past season and a half.We will try and aim for another title again and aim for the Euro Champ Cup for next season.

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Re: [E]uro [C]hamps 730-Barcelona(Champions in Div 1) Feel free to rate/post

Awards for Season 9 Div 1:

Top 3 Scorers:





3rd-Gerrard(Liverpool),Totti(Werder Bremen),Fabiano(Roma),Eto(Barcelona),Villa(Milan),Kaka(Milan),Forlan(Barcelona)

Top 3 Top Players:





Top 3 Assistor:





Top 3 Man of Match:





Euro Champ Cup Winner-FC Porto

Div 1-Barcelona

Div 2-Chelsea

Div 3-Real Madrid

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Re: [E]uro [C]hamps 730-Barcelona(Champions in Div 1) Feel free to rate/post

Barcelona Season 9's Award"s:

Best Manager-Fury Fuzzy(Undefeated for whole season)

Best Player-Arjen Robben(7.93)

Top Scorer-Samuel Eto,Diego Forlan(5 Goals)

Top Assistor-Lionel Messi(7 assists)

Most Man Of Match-Samuel Eto(6 MoM)

Most Yellow Cards-Iniesta(4 YC)

Most Red Cards-Forlan(1 RC)

Best Keeper of the Season-Sebastien Frey(Most Clean Sheets)

Best Youth Player of The Year-Stevan Jovetic(On Loan)(Most Goals Scored)

Formation XI(1st Team):



D.Alves Cordoba R.Albiol E.Abidal

Iniesta Xavi D.Silva

Messi Eto Forlan

Formation XI(Youth Team):



R.De Leat C.Smalling Papadoupolus Fabio


A.Ljajic Kolodziejczak

Javi Martinez

Jovetic Kalvec

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