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Msolsenhav's Norwegian Section

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Re: Msolsenhav's Norwegian Section

Here are some players that you have to buy before the Norwegian changes:


Didrik Flotre 70 - Has not played yet, but is regarded as a bright talent

Anders Lindegaard 74 - 81/82

Reiniery Mayorquin 74 - 77+

Fredrik Carlsen 77 - On loan from Vålerenga, is a starter in Aalesund, but if he moves back, he might be on the bench. However, avery bright player

Bodø Glimt:

Stefan Johansen 74 - 78

Johan Lædre Bjørdal 75 - Expected to move to another club. Could then be a +5. If not he will probably not rise, as Glimt has been relagated.

Daniel Stensland 75 - The same as Bjørdal.

Anders Agnes Konradsen 78 - Must also move to rise much, but he is in for a +2 anyway. Been brilliant!

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Re: Msolsenhav's Norwegian Section

I have him since 2008 in my team:D he didnt rose the last time because of some trouble with his loan i think' date=' hope he gets a nice rise this time, I want to get rid of him:p[/quote']

Don't worry, he will get it. He has even stated that he has ambitions of being the worlds best:D

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Re: Msolsenhav's Norwegian Section



Mikael LUSTIC RB/85


Mikael DORSIN LB/86

How will these guys fare in the ratings? All have played a part in Rosenborg's winning campaign

stadsgaard is currently 83 and imo +2 won't be farfetched.he is considered a good player and also played a couple of friendlies for NT

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