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EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph


"Im up for the challenge!" - Tomlins

The Posh today presented there new manager to the fans, press and players who all seemed egger about the new man in charge. Mr Tomlins was excited about his venture, and has had permission to go straight into the transfer kitty before Saturday's huge game vs title contenders Middlesborough. Chairman Darragh MacAnthony was happy with his new recruitment, and said he expects big things.

Darragh MacAnthony on Tomlins:

He's a young manager, who i help can take Peterborough to promotion like Darren Furguson did on two consecutive occasions through league two and one..

Dan Tomlins on Peterborough:

This is a great club and i hope to take them to the very top! i want to make history here and i hope to spend a possible long term future here.

About the new man? How about you wait and find out...

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph


Coleman signs for 'The Posh'

Peterborough today finalised transfer of Everton defender, Seamus Coleman.

Coleman becomes Tomlins' first transfer since taking over late yesterday evening, Coleman signed a 1 year loan deal from parent club Everton and was said to be very excited about his new club.

Peterborough have been linked with many players since Tomlins took over yesterday and is set to compete another signing within the next 48 hours, depending on the weather.

Coleman will bound to be starting at the weekend against title contenders Middlesborough if the game can beat the Freeeeeezing weather.

Peterborough have also been linked with Swansea bound striker Grant Holt who's set to sign for Swansea in the coming hours and then might be loaned to Peterborough as they hunt down prolific goal scorers. As The Posh expect promotion this season..


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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph


Jobi McAnuff makes Peterborough move

Peterborough have completed the signing of Jobi McAnuff from Reading for a believed fee of 2.3m. McAnuff was out of favour at Reading after they completed the loan signing of Junior Stanislas, Peterborough we’re more than happy to take Jobi on, as they try to boost their promotion chase.


McAnuff whilst at Reading

Tomlins on McAnuff

McAnuff will hopefully bring something that we don’t have here, he’s a young but still experienced player, playing for the likes of Wimbledon, West ham and Watford to name afew.

McAnuff signed a 3 year contract at the club.

McAnuff on his move to Peterborough..

I'm very happy with the move to Peterborough, they have great facilities, a great chairman and a great gaffer and i think this club can go forward and i hope to be a part of that.

Mr Tomlins was asked about new signings and he said..

Where in talks with agents and clubs on signings afew more players but names i cannot disclose. But some transfers should be complete before the game against Middlesborough, we hope..

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph


'Posh' complete the signing of Holt

Peterborough United this evening completed the loan move for new swansea forward Grant Holt who thought it was best to leave for the short term on loan due to the competition upfront at Swansea.

Swansea manager Aidan Radford on Holt and his move to Peterborough..

Grant's a reliable goal scorer, and was a great signing for us. He's a great long term prospect, and in the future hopefully he'll be at the heart of our strikeforce. But at the moment there's just no room for him at Swansea. We decided to loan him out, and we are really glad that he will be joining Peterborough. It's Division 2 football for him, and i'm sure he can make an impact off the bench in certain occasions. He'd like to score double figures for Peterborough in all competitions, and i'm sure he will. He will be given a lot of game time in both cup's, which will be a great opportunity for him to show that manager what he can do. Peterborough are definatly the right club for him, they've got a great manager in charge and are moving in the right direction. They'll be at the top end of the table, and with a superb manager in charge, i'm sure Divison 1 will be no question in the next season or two.

Grant Holt on joining Peterborough..

I think Peterborough is the right club to take me forward and they might just propel my career, and help me make the first team in afew seasons at Swansea, i hope to stay injury free and hit double figures.


Grant Holt whilst at Norwich

Grant Holt becomes the third player to move to Peterborough. So far manager Dan Tomlins has completed the signings of Jobi McAnuff and Seamus Coleman and are also set to sign Shane Long in the next 24 hours.

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph


Peterborough sign another player from 'The Royals'

This morning, Republic of Ireland international Shane Long completed his 2.7m move from Reading to Peterborough united. Shane Long will partner up with the team later on today and ex team mate Jobi McAnuff who completed his move to Peterborough the same time yesterday.


Shane Long whilst at Reading

Shane Long on his move from Reading to Peterborough

As much as i loved my time at Reading, as soon as Peterborough showed interest in me i had to go. They have a great gaffer and a great team with brilliant support from the coaching staff and chairman likes to get stuck in from what i've heard. This is defiantly the club for me.

Tomlins is set to sign Chris Killen later today and hope's to have him ready for the Middlesborough game on Saturday..

The game against Middlesborough is a big game, we see them as BIG title contenders along with the likes of Newcastle, Swansea, Sheffield United and Leicester. Not counting out other teams as anything could happen. Let the battle commence!

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph

59_1235752653.jpgPeterborough United v Middlesbrough50_1201894192.gif

Match preview

Peterborough could have six new signings to choose from tonight, with the majority likely to make there 'Posh' debuts. Grant Holt is on the bench after signing on loan from Swansea earlier this week but is happy to fight for his place this way.

Middlesbrough are favorites to win this weekends game, but manager Dan Tomlins was quoted to say this week..

Negativity has an impact on all and will play effect on the players, i've told my team this and the dressing room is now very positive witch is shown in training and i just hope they can show it on the pitch

Chris Killen is set to play in tonight's game against Middlesbrough after completing his move to Peterborough and signing a 5 year deal at London Road only hours ago.


Killen during press conference

Killen said on his return to football..

I'm relieved Peterborough are up for taking me on after i've been un-attached for awhile now, I like what the manager is doing here and i want to be part of his plans here

he continued to say when asked 'what his targets where' he replied..

Promotion, like the manager wants and the rest the team..

Peterborough manager Dan Tomlins was happy to of managed to clinch the transfer of Chris Killen after a long wait..

I'm very glad we've managed to get him, especially before tonight's big opener, he should be a big part of the promotion push this season.

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph

59_1235752653.jpgPeterborough United 1-5 Middlesbrough50_1201894192.gif

'Smoggies' win comfortably against Peterborough


Venue: London Road

Attendance: 13,795

Referee: Charles Joseph Richmond flags_of_Scotland.gif

Man-of-the-match: Massimo Donati (Middlesbrough)


Frustrated fans leaving London Road, after Posh 5-1 defeat.

A disappointing defeat for Peterborough against a very confident and strong looking Middlesbrough side saw 'the posh' come out on the wrong side of a 5-1 score line.

Middlesbrough went close within 40 seconds, with Giuseppe Sculli finding him self within yards of space, but placed the ball into the keepers grasping hands. Shane Long and George Boyd both came close but couldn't seem to hit the target for Peterborough, and Joe Lewis was making remarkable saves to prevent Middlesbrough from going ahead, but he couldn't keep them out forever, 19 minutes in and Middlesbrough went ahead after Massimo Gobbi thrashing the ball past Peterborough's keeper Joe Lewis. David Wheather then doubled The Teessiders lead going into the break.

The second half was started by referee Charles Joseph Richmond, and minutes in Middlesbrough increased there lead even more making it 3-0, Alessandro Matri crashing a header in off the crossbar. Chris Killen then came close to a goal with an overhead kick witch just seemed to skim the far post. Jake Livermore was then shown a yellow for violent conduct witch manager Dan Tomlins wasn't happy about. Shane Long and Jobi McAnuff both came close to making the scores level but Middlesbrough keeper was wise. Peterborough then scored to give the home fans some hope with some brilliant pass and move work between Jobi McAnuff and Kris Killen seeing the New Zealander scoring his first goal for the Cambridgeshire side. Then two goals in quick succession from Giuseppe Sculli and Massimo Donati secured the 3 points for Middlesbrough if they weren't already secured.


Giuseppe Sculli celebrating his second of the game

Dan Tomlins on the result..

Disappointed but i'm going to stay positive, hopefully this is a one off. Middlesbrough out played us. We're going to take every game as it comes, Leicester next.

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph


Posh board and manager in dispute?

Peterborough United boss Dan Tomlins this week announced his desire to move to a division 1 team in the coming months, if the offer is right.

He said:

If the team was right, i'd love to manage at the top level, if i struggle to take Peterborough to the top. It's always been a dream off mine. it could also allow me to work with internationally recognized players, witch i have to say is a dream.

This has now forced questions to the Peterborough board of directors.

Is there something going on behind the scene's?

Yet if Peterborough did let manager Dan Tomlins leave it could relieve there poor budget in compensation funds and make it more stable.


Tomlins after 5-1 defeat to Middlesbrough.

Peterborough chairman Darragh MacAnthony released a statement saying:

After many talks with Dan he said that he would be happy to leave but only if he had the right offer, and the right club. But we'll do everything in our power to keep him at the club as we believe he is the right man to take the club forward.


Tomlins will take Peterborough to a very strong Leicester City side on Wednesday hoping to take 3 points to please the fans and the board, for now at least.

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph


Peterborough disaster, is it still carrying on?

Tomlins is still at Peterborough as it draws closer to there second game of the season, a surprise to many after a week of what has been a difficult one for many at the Cambridgeshire club.

But tonight it could be Tomlins last game, but chairman Darragh MacAnthony and many fans today had something to say about the matter..

Darragh MacAnthony on the situation:

He said he'd like to leave if the right deal or club came along, not that he was going to leave, its in the past for the moment we don't want to make the situation worse at this moment in time, if Tomlins decides to leave i suppose it'll be the right time for him and hopefully he'll decide to do it when its the right time for the club itself. The fans and the board are hopping he'll stay but we're just looking forward to the next game for the time being.

David, 28. A Peterborough fan, who seemed angry about Tomlins' comments:

I think its stupid to be honest, he's just taken over and now he's saying he'd like to leave, i don't know what he's thinking. He can go, i don't want him here if he's going to be like this.

Ryan, 17. Another Peterborough fan:

I want to give him a chance, he seems a decent manager despite having a difficult first game of the season, i don't think the Leicester game will be easy, and its away witch wont make it any easier, but i'm sure the boys will do us proud tonight.

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph


Leicester City v Peterborough United

After a controversial week surrounding the future of Peterborough boss Dan Tomlins at London Road. Peterborough now travel up to the East Midlands tonight to face a strong Leicester team, who will look to record there opening win of this campaign, but firstly have to beat Peterborough, who also lost the opening game of the season 5-1 to Middlesbrough.

Both teams should be unchanged as there's no injury's in either camp, but either manager could have a change of mind and change there teams around after opening defeat to there campaigns.

Peterborough will be trying to keep the likes of Kermorgant quite after he opened his season tally by getting two against Coventry City on Saturday in the 7-4 defeat, witch also saw Hulk and Mkhitaryan get on the score sheet.

Leicester also had an impressive display on Sunday beating Yeovil Town 5-0 in a friendly.


Hulk celebrating goal vs Coventry City.

But on the other hand, Leicester City will be hopping to keep George Boyd and Chris Killen quite after an impressive display against Middlesbrough at the weekend. Chris Killen opened his Peterborough career with his debut goal against Middlesbrough, and was said to be "very happy" where he continued to add that he "wanted to add to his goal tally and read double figures as soon as he possibly can".


Killen celebrating his goal against Middlesbrough.

A win for either team would really boost there promotion push for the season after a disappointing start.

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph


Peterborough complete loan switch for Guthrie.

Peterborough this afternoon completed the loan switch move for Danny Guthrie of Newcastle, after nearly three days of negotiations both clubs could come to an agreement. This loan move saw Canadian, David Hoilett sent back to Blackburn after either club couldn't come to an agreement for who payed his wages. Youngster Hoilett didn't play a game in the short week at Peterborough witch has seen much confrontation at the Cambridgeshire club, between the board and the manager's witch has un-settled many players.

Guthrie could make his Peterborough debut tonight vs Leicester City, and will hope to make an impact to the Peterborough midfield, and see them win there first game of the campaign.


Guthrie hopes to make a impact at Peterborough.

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph


Peterborough, active on the market

Peterborough today signed 30 year old dutch winger, Sedric Van der Gun for a club record fee of £4.4m from Swansea. After a week of controversy at London Road many have thought Tomlins will be leaving, but he is said to be staying with the club for the time being, and still wants to build a great squad fit for promotion. Van der Gun becomes Tomlins' 4th permanent transfer since he took over the managerial job 10 days ago.


Sedric Van der Gun could make his debut against his former club Swansea on Saturday.

Van der Gun previous clubs have been Ajax, FC Den Bosch, Den Haag, FC Utrecht, Borussia Dortmand and Willem II.

Peterborough are also said to be interested in Mwaruwari Benjani and Danny tu. And apparently had a bid rejected 48 hours ago for Alan Smith.

Mwaruwari Benjani said:

I'm flattered to be linked with Peterborough, but after Manchester city let me go the other day i'm now transfer banned till March so i won't be playing in the championship yet.

Peterborough have received bids for Ryan Bennett, Krystian Pearce and Exodus Geohaghan and are tipped to let them go, to relieve the wage bills and to raise some funds at the club.


Could Benjani join Peterborough in March?

Toumani Diagouraga is in France tonight and is set to make his move to EA Guingamp for a fee we believe to be around £1.3m. Diagouraga said:

I'm feeling mixed emotions at the moment, i feel happy that i'm going to be moving back to France where i was born and lived for much of my childhood, but i'm disappointed that i have to leave England where the best league is, and witch i one day hope to return to.


Diagouraga is set for a return to France.

Posh are hopeful to improve the team after resent results witch have seen them slip into the bottom 3 and only take 1 point from the last two games.

Manager Dan Tomlins reply when asked about transfers..

We're in talks with many players, some look bleek and some look bright but we only have a minimum budget and we can't go around splashing our cash. We hope that Van der Gun will be at the club in today.


Van Der Gun celebrating goal, whilst at Swansea.

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph


Peterborough United vs Swansea City Preview

After taking an away point from the Walker's stadium on Wednesday, manager Dan Tomlins will be hopping to take his first 3 points of the season, but he has tuff opposition in Swansea who sit 8th in the league.

Swansea this week sold 30 year old winger Sedric Van der Gun to Peterborough, Whom had scored 1 out of there 4 goals this season and set up 2 goals.

Posh are yet to win this season, but tonight will hope to take something out of the game, witch should be a tough contest.


Van der Gun set to face Swansea, whom he was only with 2 days ago!

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph


Swans old boy taunts and haunts.

The game kicked off and Swansea where the clear favorite's to win this game, home advantage a group of strong individuals equaling up to a very strong line up and great support behind them. But Swansea old boy Sedric Van der Gun, only signed for Peterborough two days ago from the Swans and only 2 minutes into his Peterborough debut he scored, a brilliant corner from George Boyd was meet by the head of the dutchman and the scores were 1-0. Swansea could of equalized only 4 minutes later but Darren Pratley saw his over head kick just go over the bar. Michael Bastos was then shown yellow for dangerous play, witch was followed by two brilliant chances for Swansea both from Zoran Tosic in a space of 5 minutes, Swansea were looking dangerous! Stefano Okaka Chuka, Zoran Tosic and Alan Tate all coming close for the Swans but still Joe Lewis wasn't going to give! Both Tom Williams and George Boyd came close for the Posh but couldn't find the back of the net. But then Peterborough's George Boyd got the goal that would finally turn out to be the winner scoring a easy goal after a easy squared ball was finished with ease, he was then shown a yellow card for his celebration. half time the scores were Swansea 0 Peterborough 2.


Boyd celebrating his first of the season, after making it 2-0.

The second half then kicked off and Peterborough's George Boyd nearly got his second of the game, but it just went wide after he turned brilliantly. Swansea where then looking for a goal to get them back into the game, Okaka Chuka and Cotterill both coming close for Swansea, Peterborough then made a substitution George Boyd going off and Aaron McLean on, and Swansea also made a substitution bringing Lee Trundle on replacing Darren Pratley. Swansea were still coming close for the last 30 minutes of the game, but Joe Lewis was keeping the goal clear for his first clean sheet of the season. Van der Gun nearly came close to scoring his second goal against his former employee's, the final whistle blows, Swansea 0 Peterborough 2.


Venue: Liberty Stadium

Attendence: 15,815

Referee: Massimo Busacca

Man of the match: Chris Killen (Peterborough)

Swansea boss Aidan Radford on the defeat..
I'm speechless at the moment. Not quite sure what happened out their. We just didn't seem to want to score, Peterborough did and in the end, they deserved the win. Van Der Gun came back to haunt us and it just wasn't our day, we've got some really tough games comng up where we'll need to do well in, so we've got to get our act together and fast

Dan Tomlins on his teams performance..
The lads were brilliant today! After all the criticism this week due to resent results witch had seen us in the bottom three, to come out with a result like this against tuff opposition im delighted, hopefully we can repeat this at home on Wednesday against Newcastle and push on for promotion.

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph


Grégory Sertic completes Peterborough move

Peterborough have completed the signings of Grégory Sertic from Bordeaux for a thought fee of 1.7m. The 20 year old will meet up with new team mates today in training, Sertic becomes manager Tomlins' 5th transfer of the season.


Grégory Sertic is expected to make his debut against Newcastle this week.

Press conference:

Welcome to England Grégory, How do you feel about your move, and why Peterborough?
Thank you. Well, Peterborough have got huge potential and i hope to be part of there promotion push this season, and if not this season next season. I believe this should be a Premiership club in at least 2 years, The chairmans got big plans along with the manager and i wanted to be part of this, i think the targets are reachable and i hope to become a huge legend at the club

Why did you choose England?
Best league in the world is here of course. It must be a dream of every player playing outside the English leagues, to come and play here.

Manager Dan Tomlins was then asked some questions:

What do you think of Grégory? Why did you sign him?
He's a fast effective footballer, he will bring something brilliant to the team, and i hope he'll be able to show that on Wednesday. Ill see how he looks in training over the coming days and then he may make his debut.

Is this the end of your spending?
It should be for this month, I don't want to look at bringing any new players in just yet i just want to go and get six points from my next two games.


Grégory Sertic signs a 3 year contract at London Road

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph


Shrewsbury place loan bid on Aaron McLean

Shrewsbury are thought to have placed a loan bid on Peterborough forward Aaron McLean, Who has been pushed down the pecking order after the signings of Chris Killen and Shane Long.


Is McLean Shrewsbury bound?

McLean could show Tomlins that he deserves a place in the starting line up at Peterborough if he does move to Shrewsbury and make's an impact on there promotion push.

Sheffield United are also said to be interested in the 26 year old, along with Shrewsbury.


McLean fighting for the ball.

McLean would love to stay at Peterborough but if a loan move would see him get regular first team football he's said to be happy with it.

Shrewsbury and Peterborough are said to be in talks over the strikers loan move, witch could see the move be completed today.


Shrewsbury hope to have him available for there next game against Rochdale.

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph


Newcastle v Peterborough

Match preview

London Road
Wednesday 27th January 2010

Team News

Newcastle defender Fabricio Coloccini sits out after receiving a red card last Wednesday against Middlesbrough.

Peterborough are expected to play an unchanged line up from the team that beat Swansea at the weekend, but Grégory Sertic could make his debut if he passes a late fitness test after receiving a knock in training yesterday.

Match preview

Newcastle will hope to extend there automatic promotion push to get into the Premiership with a win tonight but a full confidence Peterborough team will hope to extend on the 2-0 victory over Swansea against Newcastle.

Newcastle currently sit 6th just inside the promotion placed, where as Peterborough sit 10th.


Who will be celebrating tonight?

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph



Newcastle eased to second in the table with a 4-0 victory over Peterborough United at London Road.

First half goals from João Kleber Pereira, Camel Meriem, José Enrique and Brahim Hemdani take Newcastle up into the automatic promotion place and make an impact on Peterborough's promotion chase.

A mix up in the Peterborough midfield in the fifth minute saw Kleber Pereira leap on the chance to put Newcastle United 1-0 in front, witch he succeeded, placing the ball under Posh keeper, Joe Lewis.


João Kleber Pereira celebrating scoring his first goal of the season for Newcastle

Four minutes later Newcastle doubled there lead, after a corner was played short to Camel Meriem who turned beautifully, and then curled the ball around the Peterborough keeper, Joe Lewis, Who seemed to be having a hard time in the goal, Witch was regularly coming under a lot of pressure from the Magpies.

Charlie Lee and Van der Gun both came close to getting Peterborough back on track but they both put the ball wide. A through ball from Lincoln to José Enrique, was finished spectacularly by the full back by Newcastle.


Van der Gun trying to finish a shot off but Newcastle's defense managing to get it away.

Newcastle then extended there lead to 4-0 with a brilliant cross from Kleber Pereira was met by the head of Hemdani, witch finished Peterborough off, all before half time.


Newcastle fans go home happy, and Peterborough look forward to Bristol, and hope for a win.

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph


Peterborough swoop for Krisztián Németh

20 year old Krisztián Németh is set to join Peterborough in the coming days after a 3.1m bid was accepted by his club AEK Athens.

Krisztián Németh was unavailable to talk, but his agent said, "Krisztián is very excited as he's going to get a chance to play in England, where he believes the best players, couches, facilities, stadia and football are. Peterborough have been in talks with him and AEK for awhile now and we are very glad that a agreement has managed to be met. He is set to be in England tomorrow morning, but might not play till Peterborough's mid-week fixtures against Coventry."

Peterborough manager Dan Tomlins was quoted today in his pre-match press conference on the matter:
"He's got huge potential, great first touch, lethal in front of goal, his attitude to the game is perfect and we hope for him to have a perfectly good future here at Peterborough. All together he's exactly what we want."


Peterborough beat of competition from Chelsea to his signiture.

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph

Rampant Posh Blast Five Past City

59_1235752653.jpg 5-1 13_1202400808.gif

Goals from Chris Killen, Danny Guthrie, Charlie Lee, Krisztián Németh and Lee Frecklington take Peterborough to 10th and to there second victory of the season.

After a 4-0 defeat in the week to the hands of Newcastle, Peterborough wanted to bounce back with a win, and thats what they did, Peterborough's promotion hopes were revived as they demolished Bristol Ciy at London Road. Peterborough's performance was much better than it had been prior to last nights game.

The first half was an impressive battle, Between the Bristol defense and Peterborough attack, Bristol could only clear the ball 20 yards away before Peterborough managed to bring it back and put Bristol under pressure. Some excellent passing saw Chris Killen through on goal, and he didn't fail to miss putting Peterborough ahead. Then, nearly 30 minutes later Danny Guthrie let off a rocket to double the scores, skipping past Paul Hartley and Louis Carey, then smashing the ball into the top corner past the Bristol keeper, Fabianski. half time soon approached and at the right time for Bristol.

But the second half didn't get much better for Bristol City, Charlie Lee scoring an amazing overhead kick to make the scores 3-0 and then 10 minutes later Krisztián Németh making it four nil by scoring his first goal in Peterborough colors on his debut. Bristol then got a conciliation 3 minutes later we're Marvin Elliot frustrated his anger by smashing the ball venomously into the back on the Peterborough net, nearly taking the net off! But then 20 minutes later Peterborough showed there class when substitute Lee Frecklington walked through the Bristol defense and finished the ball by rolling it under the keeper. Danny guthrie then was shown a red card by Chris Foy, witch didn't make the gaffer, Dan Tomlins very happy. Full time 5-1.


Lee Frecklington scored his first of the season.


Venue: London Road

Attendance: 13,725

Referee: Chris Foy

Man of the match: Van der Gun (Peterborough)

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph

25_1217871592.jpgCoventry City vs Peterborough United59_1235752653.jpg

Match Preview

Coventry will tonight hope to bounce back from there weekend defeat to title contenders, Newcastle. Peterborough are the visitors and will be very confident after trashing a very strong Bristol City side.

Coventry are set to put out the same line up that lost to Newcastle on Saturday. A loan deal between Coventry and Leicester City for striker Mark Howard, who was set to step in for the injured Vincenzo Iaquinta tonight, is thought to have fallen through.

Peterborough will be without suspended Danny Guthrie, witch could see french midfielder Gregory Sertic start in the line up.

Dan Tomlins on tonight's game:
Coventry are difficult opposition, they've got good players, it will be a difficult game, but we're a very good team and are up for the challenge, i hope the fans will get behind the lads tonight, and i think we can take 3 points from the game.

Coventry boss, Gadga, on tonight's game:
We are looking to get back on the right track again after the defeat against Newcastle, Our strike force has been weakened with Iquianta injured for 3 weeks, Freddy Eastwood has done well stepping in and scoring on his first start of the season, i was hoping for some loans but since the youth cup it is hard trying to bring some in.

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph

Eastwood Brace And McIndoe Single See Off Posh

A brace from 24 year old, Freddy Eastwood and a goal from Michael McIndoe won the game for Coventry before Peterborough's, Gregory Sertic could get a consolation, in Peterborough's 3-1 defeat at the Ricoh Arena.


Eastwood celebrating his first.

Peterborough came close a number of times in the first quarter of the game, with Chris Killen bringing the better save out of the ex Celtic, now Coventry keeper, Arthur Boruc.

Coventry took the lead in the second quarter, twenty minutes before half time, Freddy Eastwood latching onto a terrible pass between youngster Seamus Coleman and Joe Lewis. Nothing happened between the goal and half time, witch manager Dan Tomlins didn't seem to be happy with, what was going to kick Peterborough into action!?

Fifteen minutes into the second period of the game, and Eastwood clinched his brace and Coventry's second goal. Peterborough now were doing what Tomlins wanted, with Seamus Coleman and Gabriel Zakuani both coming close for the posh, but there attack left alot of space at the back witch saw Coventry grasp there third of the night, Michael McIndoe chasing the long ball into the space on the left flank and then cutting inside and smashing his shot at Peterborough keeper, Joe Lewis, who pushed the ball back into McIndoe's path, who couldn't miss it. 3-0.


The third goal spelt 'game over' for the Posh.

It was a 50/50 game after this, Coventry were gradually getting tired, Peterborough won a corner off the exhausted defender Luciano Monzon's leg, Tom Williams delivered the ball, witch was poorly cleared by Coventry, but french-man Gregory Sertic hit the ball on the half volley into the roof of the net, What a beautiful goal. 3-1!

Chris Killen was then shown a second yellow five minutes later, for a late tackle, the referee had to give the card, witch resulted in a red card for Killen, who'll now miss the next three matches for Peterborough.


Is this Tomlins' goodbye?

Coventry boss, Gadga on the victory:
It was a fantastic result for us, I knew that Peterborough would make it tough for us, and had us down for a draw but to get all three points, just shows what spirit and morale we have here at the Ricoh Arena.

The lads put the Newcastle defeat behind them and carried out a proffesional attitude..

He then continued to say:
Freddy Eastwood getting 2 goals now making it now 3 goals in 2 games has given me something to thing about whom is playing up front..

Manager Dan Tomlins on the result:
Terrible result, good performance, but its still early days, the boys were great in training this week, they showed that tonight. We was just extremely unlucky against a brilliant Coventry team.

Tomlins was then asked about his future, and whether he'll be at the club much longer, he replied:
I don't know, depending on what happens on Friday.

Before he could be asked what he ment, he was off to the dressing room, is it over for Peterborough and Tomlins?

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph

This week at Peterborough

Here is a new series of reports, on the weekly news at a Cambridgeshire football club, Peterborough United. Each Friday we'll have interviews, with Peterborough players, staff and most importantly
the fans. So here goes, the first edition of "This week at Peterborough".

After a bad start to the season, many fans are starting to wonder, is Tomlins the right man for the job? and, after numerous reports linking George Boyd away from London Road, what players will remain at the end of the season? We put your questions to the people in charge at Peterborough.

Interview with Darragh MacAnthony and Barry Fry

What's the situation on the manager? After only taking 7 points out of a possible 18, Could he be out soon?
Fry: Defiantly not. We're only 6 games in, What were trying to do here, is going to take months maybe years, not weeks and days, we want to get results, but myself and Dan are still looking for suitable players to bring into the club, and trying to find a way to raise funds. Next question?

Will there be any new arrivals at Peterborough in the coming days or weeks? You're being heavily linked with a number of players?
Fry: Yes, that is a possibility, like i said, Myself and Dan are looking at players, but the club has got a tight budget at the time being, but after receiving bids for a number of players, im sure the money could be into the club in the coming days.

Will Boyd be sold to raise funds? Along with Joe Lewis and Tommy Rowe, who are both attracting along of interest from other clubs.
MacAnthony: No, they won't be sold, all three of them are big parts of the squad, and along with the majority of the first teamer's, they're all big parts of the team and they won't be going anywhere, there place is here at Peterborough United!


Darragh MacAnthony and Barry Fry in conference.

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Re: EC5579 - Peterborough Telegraph


Peterborough duo set to leave London Road

Peterborough midfielder Dean Keates is said to be having a medical at Chesterfield after Peterborough accepted a bid this morning.


31 year old Keates, has only made one appearance this season.

Peterborough are also said to have accepted a bid for striker, Rueben Ried. Ried is out of favor at Peterborough after the signings of Chris Killen, Shane Long and Krisztián Nemeth.


Reid has lost his position in the team, after new players signing for the club.

Manager Dan Tomlins on Dean Keates:
Dean was a great part of the squad when he was here, but we now believe its time to part with Dean. He sadly doesn't fit into our plans for the future now, and we hope he all the best when he finalizes his move to Chesterfield.

When asked about Rueben Reid, he replied:
Ried is a brilliant youngster, sadly we didn't bring any interest from any side around us, but we wish him and his family all the best in the future.

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