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SM Predict Knockout Cup

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This weekend will be the 1st round of SM Predict Knockout Cup.

Everyone who plays this weeks predict will be entered in to a draw to see who plays who,the person with the highest score moves onto the next round .


Germ is drawn against Dai.

Germ scores 9 this week

Dai scores 10 this week (yes i know Dai can never score 10 :P)

Dai wins 10-9 and moves in to the next round

Any users who fail to post their predictions on time (12pm Saturday) will mean the other user will automatically go through to the next round. In event of a tie we will have a Wednesday replay ( 8 games picked by me)

Prize to be confirmed

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Re: SM Predict Knockout Cup

Just want to confirm' date=' so this is different competition with SM Predict Superleague which used accumulated points for the table?[/quote']

Runs alongside the league.

Points you score this week will still be added to the league and whoever scores the mosts points between you and Gizb this week moves into the next round of the cup.

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Re: SM Predict Knockout Cup

Round 1 Results

The winners are highlighted.

Tiësto 3-5 Swanseajack

Gizb 6-4 Gozzy

Barry Mufc 4-7 DrawsWithCrayon

Dudu 7-5 GeorgeECFC

Swindon1991 3-3 Pazzano

Bluebirds1927 9-3 AsianInvasian

Col 5-4 Germ (love beating John:D )

Dai 5-5 Radebe20

CCX.13 5-5 David bax

Navin_legend 7-6 Killaroo

Well done to all who have made it through to the next round!

We have 3 draws, i will post replay games now.


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Re: SM Predict Knockout Cup

SM Predict Knockout Cup Final

Swanseajack 3 David bax 6 DrawsWithCrayon 8

Well done Matt. I will be in touch shortly about your prize

Only just realised i won so this post is abit delayed. :rolleyes:

Well done Swanseajack and David bax for getting to the final.

Im surprised i got to the final let alone won it, good job i dont just copy Georges predictions anymore B)

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