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Yoann GOURCUFF or Jesús NAVAS?


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Re: Yoann GOURCUFF or Jesús NAVAS?

Both are available in my league' date=' which would you go for (if any) and why?

Will they rise in the future?

Basically i'm looking to buy a decent AM or Wing player that will hopefully rise to 93+ in the future. Any other suggestions would be greatfully appreciated.

Thanks in advance.[/quote']

i will go for GOURCUFF. cuz he is better player compare to navas. but he play for france league compare tp spanish ,navas have better chance to rise.

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Re: Yoann GOURCUFF or Jesús NAVAS?

Both are superb talents that are already one of the best in their perspective positions and both are likely to improve.

However, I'd say Gourcuff is your guy for few reasons:

1) Gourcuff is Zidanesque ( :o ), which means that he's pretty much a class above over most of others.

2) Even though Navas has recently declared that his anxiety issues are over, he still performs much better at home, so it's not certain if he will ever move to a bigger club. However, he performed quite well for Spain's NT, so wouldn't be too surprised to see him in Spain's first XI in a bit.

3) Gourcuff is almost bound to move out of France to one of the big clubs, so that should get his rating quite high.

There is more, but I don't think you need to know everything. Both are great buys and you should have both, but I'd take Gourcuff first.

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