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Only 22 players in team ??

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Im after a player he is at an unmanaged club with only 22 players. I have noticed that before i could bid for him ,, one of the other players has a bid on him from an outside non human managed team. If i bd after that bid will my deal go through as i am a real manager with a bid???? Or can i outbid the other player and then when my bid is accepted pull out and bid for the player i really want ????????

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Re: Only 22 players in team ??

Outbid on the other player. I've done it before and it works fine so long as you remember to cancel the first deal ;)

with site maintence being so dodgy and affecting transfers hmm you could end up screwed unless u log on like every half an hour :P

good idea, but risky ;)

also the only option you have.

an excellent suggestion from stuart, i wouldnt have thought of that :) ! !

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