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New Contracts


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Re: New Contracts

I understand that when your players have finished their contract' date=' you usually leave it to the chairman to sort out, overwise their wages would rise dramatically

However, have any changes to the site means that you have to sort out the contracts manually or you'd lose the players, or is the system still the same?


Ummm i always thought it was that if you let a players contract run out they become free agents

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Re: New Contracts

Originally Posted by aidapras

My question is a bit different. When can you offer a new contract to a player you've just bought? Next season?

when there TB is up and after one season has passed

eg u buy them midway thru 2nd season, their tb expires and is now beginning of 3rd season = now u can give new contract

Um actually you can offer them a new contract as soon as the new season starts irrespective of when they were brought eg If you buy a player at turn 37, he will play two games and then the season is over, 1 week later the new season starts, now you can offer him a new contract. Transfer Ban plays no part.

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