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Leftback please help rep awarded


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Re: Leftback please help rep awarded

i'm having problems with LB too, what do you guys think about abidal, will he keep his rating and for how long?

also can u please tell me more about these players, their rating, current form..

ADRIANO 91 from sevilla


ARBELOA 91 - is it true that he might get position change to LB/RB and does he have a chance to reach 92 next time?

thanks in advance :)


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Re: Leftback please help rep awarded

ANSALDI has just risen to 90. He looks to be a top left back for the future.

Another possibility is Edson BRAAFHEID. He is 26 years old and rated 87.

Currently playing for Celtic, on loan from Bayern Munich. Made his Holland debut in February 2009. Didn't change in the last rating changes, however, he is playing regularly for Celtic (and impressively).

If he is picked in the Dutch World Cup Squad he has the potential to rise a few points more. Outside chance of getting to 90, but he will be cheap due to his age

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Re: Leftback please help rep awarded

right maxwell has dropped to 91 and he is my lb so i need a new on prefebably 92 rated if not 91 or in for a raise to 91 or 92

the only 1 i could think of is:

Zhirkov 92 rated [he is avalible] but his mainly LM

help me please' date='thanks[/quote']

arbeloa is a rb/lb but could get positional change to lb/rb



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