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good defenders in 2yrs time???


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hello people,

i need some help I need to buy defenders for my team because i have only 2 and i need to buy the best defenders with the best talent and ability at keeping their rating for at least 1 and a half years.

i have shortlisted these players:

william gallas

silviera juan








thiago silva

cristian zapata

diego godin

jorge rolando

i will be able to buy 5 of these as they are all about 15 millish in my league and i have 75mill, so in short who will be the best to buy and to be able to sustain there ratings, (alos whose rating will go up alot in the next 1 and half years, example whats the highest rating thiago silva will got to)

The rating is no the issue, the issue is if they keep it.

the top 5 players i think i should buy is: thiago silva, zapata, juan, abidal, capdevila

wat are your thoughts, any help will be well appreciated and rewarded


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