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Official Liverpool Thread

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

Goalkeepers are cheap compared to outfield players. The 5th most valuable GK at the moment would probably go for less than half of the 5th most valuable outfield player. We bought Mignolet for 9 or 10 millions and decided to send Reina out on loan (indicating we consider SM to be better). Considering Reina is some 5 years older, we couldn't possibly ask for the same kind of money we paid for Mignolet.

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

We really miss Lucas..

Sad thing is we attack better when we have Henderson, Coutinho, Sterling, Suarez and Sturridge going forward, but defend better when one of them is sacrificed for Lucas to do that defensive work in the defensive third.

There was talk of Gerrard dropping further back as his career goes on.... anybody think he'd cut it as a CB??? Can just imagine him making last ditch tackles going back, stepping up and winning the ball and spreading the play from CB, with Lucas infront and Henderson playing where he does now, meaning that Sterling isn't the one being sacrificed and having Henderson playing out of position, or even Coutinho forced out wide..

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

Coutinho just stood and watched that happen' date=' he could have 'moved' and actually helped block that, lazy git[/quote']

It wasn't Coutinho's fault at all. Sure he wasn't pressuring as much as could've but he wouldn't have got anywhere near that either way. Gerrard is the one to blame for it. The entire half Gerrard was ball watching letting Shelvey roam around the place with all the time he could want.

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