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Official Liverpool Thread

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread The end of another season and I just want to lay down some of my ideas, hopes and aspirations for our beloved LFC. It was a disappointing season, finishing 6th due to a

Re: Official Liverpool Thread I'm a complete Suarez convert. Couldn't care less what he's done in the past, or that he may have gone down slightly theatrically in the odd game or two. He absorbs qui

Re: Official Liverpool Thread Just compiled andy carroll's match highlights..

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

Good to see decisions (rightly or wrongly) going in Liverpools favour since City have had pretty much everything there own way for the vast majority of the season in terms of dubious decisions and I am neutral.

Such fickle fans do make me chuckle with there selective memories.

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

Not that I need to explain myself to you but I did explain a while back why I have a certain affinity with Liverpool.

That wasn't just aimed at you. I think pretty much everyone wants Liverpool to win the league apart from Everton fans and some United fans.

EDIT: Obviously City and Chelsea fans might side with me as well.

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