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Official Liverpool Thread

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread The end of another season and I just want to lay down some of my ideas, hopes and aspirations for our beloved LFC. It was a disappointing season, finishing 6th due to a

Re: Official Liverpool Thread I'm a complete Suarez convert. Couldn't care less what he's done in the past, or that he may have gone down slightly theatrically in the odd game or two. He absorbs qui

Re: Official Liverpool Thread Just compiled andy carroll's match highlights..

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

There burning his shirts' date=' the fans have turned on him, he's signing for one of our biggest rivals............nah he'll probably be cheered :rolleyes:[/quote']

If he's have left in the summer like he should have he would probably have received a pleasant round of applause. Because of the timing of it though and the fact that he's pretty much lied, he'll definitely get booed.

Wait a munites..........Am I wrong???

it true right? (someone back me up)


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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

£35 million for Carroll is just plain crazy' date=' David Villa only went for £34m and VDV cost a massive £8m, and people say the English players are not overrated...[/quote']

David villa actually went for £27m , £33m Euros or something like that.

RLiverpool wants richards for £20m >


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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

saw this on bbc sport.. ""Liverpool will make sure as part of the transfer that Fernando Torres plays no part in Sunday's game!" lol?

I said to my dad earlier if Torres was to go surely they would do something like above.

It's not so much about him doing well and us losing but its to close and would be such a kick in the teeth, if the game was a cpl months down the line it would be different.

LFC would be crazy not to put a clause like the above in for the sake of the fans.

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

fernando' date=' meet the ghost of andriy...[/quote']

If he stays clear of injury I do think he will do very well.

Shev was much older and couldnt cope with the league, nando wont have that issue as long as he stays away from injury.

Having said that I have not seen the same torres since his few injuries he had

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