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Official Liverpool Thread

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread The end of another season and I just want to lay down some of my ideas, hopes and aspirations for our beloved LFC. It was a disappointing season, finishing 6th due to a

Re: Official Liverpool Thread I'm a complete Suarez convert. Couldn't care less what he's done in the past, or that he may have gone down slightly theatrically in the odd game or two. He absorbs qui

Re: Official Liverpool Thread Just compiled andy carroll's match highlights..

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

You guys made deadline day fun :)

I'd say Suarez + Carroll > Torres if you look at it for what your needs are. Gives you so much more flexibility up front. However' date=' the money you paid is bonkers; ruining football you lot ;)[/quote']

Says the guy who supports a team who has paid over the odds for nearly all their players. :P

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

Yeah had my Liverpool shirt after they said he's staying the season' date=' so went to LFC and got a pre-printed Torres one.[/quote']

lol how much did that cost? but i dont think youll get any of it back. best thing to do is record a video of you burning it, post it on youtube and wait to see how many views you get. :D

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

What is your starting 11' date=' following the closure of the transfer window?

Mine is:












A Narrow diamond, 4-1-2-1-2 with Johnson and Aurelio playing as attacking wing backs, and Gerrard as a supporting attacking midfielder.

The other three midfielders holding midfield, particularly covering if needed for the attacking wing backs, a disciplined holding role where only one or two of the three CMs can get forward at any given time.

Then in the summer we need to really get some decent wingers so we can give Carroll the service he thrives on. That said he does have a quality first touch and can finish with both feet.[/quote']

no need for both lucas and poulsen in the team. i would have either cole, maxi or kuyt on for poulsen. no point having carroll in the team if we don't have anyone to supply any crosses to him

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

Maybe because he's beside Terry... But if he was 1v1 i'm 100% he will be sitting down ;)

Liverpool 6 - 0 Chelsea :P

Suarez 2x ' date=' Gerrard 3x & Merieles 1x[/quote']

Carroll wont be playing so stick Stevie's name in there. B)

Anyways, what do you guys think will happen with Stoke tomorrow, really hate games against them. :o

Also will Suarez play?

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

Not being sarcastic mate. he will prove you wrong Am 100% sure :)


He played as LB.. and all the Porto goals came from his flank :)

Last season he could be valued 20M€.. but based in his current form more than 10M€ is profit for Benfica.

Also don't know if he will walk into Chelsea's starting lineup, as Ivanovic already said he would leave if he not played in his favourite position, CB.

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