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Official Liverpool Thread

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread The end of another season and I just want to lay down some of my ideas, hopes and aspirations for our beloved LFC. It was a disappointing season, finishing 6th due to a

Re: Official Liverpool Thread I'm a complete Suarez convert. Couldn't care less what he's done in the past, or that he may have gone down slightly theatrically in the odd game or two. He absorbs qui

Re: Official Liverpool Thread Just compiled andy carroll's match highlights..

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

Now that the thread has calmed down from deadline day' date=' I think I'll have a little post. I really think it's time to start looking at the positives. I mean, come on, this thread has been such a depressing one to look at as of late, with all the Roy Hodgson debates, the poor results etc. NESV have just shown a great deal of ambition and signed a new strike partnership worth over £50 million, yet all people seem to do is turn to the negatives and pinpoint the price as the talking point. Yes, £35 million for a guy who has only 4/5 months of EPL experience is absolutely outrageous, BUT, that's what happens when you look to buy on deadline day. It wasn't NESV, Kenny or anyones elses fault for the inflated price but Torres. Had he handed in the transfer request in a more appropriate manner and had actually given Liverpool time to line-up possible replacements, it wouldn't have left such a scrap on deadline day + handing it in during January is never ideal. Newcastle were in no need to sell, safety could well be worth £35/40+ million, so the price on their behalf was justified, not that his ability warrants a £35 million fee. As Neller said, had this been the Summer, Carroll may well have cost £15 odd million less, but due to the currest situation Newcastle will now find themselves in, the price shot sky high.

Anyway, back to my original point, look beyond the negatives for once! Put the price aside (yes, I know it's hard to ignore it though). One thing which has improved at Liverpool since Kenny has taken over is the fact that he's getting bodies in around the penalty area. Players are now supporting the man on the ball and making themselves an option. They're playing with MUCH more freedom under Kenny. While I'm a massive Rafa fan, he restricted his players to individual instructions, strict instructions at that. For years, crosses have been delivered with NOT ONE single player in the penalty area. Kenny has the side playing with freedom again, and it was evident in the Wolves game. SSN compared Torres' stats this season, to Carroll's. What I found interesting was that, despite playing four (?) games less than Torres this season, Carroll has made in around 300 more passes than Torres. Didn't have time to look at the figures properly as once I saw it, they took the stats off the screen, but Torres had 300 and something, compared to Carroll's 600 and something. Anyway, with Kenny's style, don't you think Carroll would fit nicely into the equation? I certainly do! Make of the stats what you will, but it's something like that which IMO could seriously help Liverpool become much more effective within the final third, offering a little less predictability to the Liverpool attack, which to be honest, had become seriously predictable at times. He holds the ball up well, and his link up play, from what I've seen, looks pretty good, and the fact that Kenny is encouraging the midfield to get forward and support the striker/s can only be a positive to be considered when speaking of Carroll's arrival. If you're a stats person, then that'll likely convince you that Carroll will offer a little bit extra on that part of his game. From the few games I've seen Suarez play, he looks like a guy who'd thrive on playing off a striker of both Carroll's style and physique. It's been said a milllion times now, but that partnership looks potentially deadly! Really does.

Put price aside, because even the most pessimistic LFC fans can't deny they're looking forward to seeing their new strike partnership.[/quote']


Yes Carroll cost alot, but he has serious potential! How much did Rooney cost Man Utd? He was hardly a proven player when he went there, but you have to pay for potential.

Exciting times to be a Liverpool fan.

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread


Yes Carroll cost alot' date=' but he has serious potential! How much did Rooney cost Man Utd? He was hardly a proven player when he went there, but you have to pay for potential.

Exciting times to be a Liverpool fan.[/quote']

I get your point on Rooney, but it was 10 million less and you could see he was going to be spectacular. :o

That being said, you look a rejuvinated team under Kenny. I didnt think it there would be such a difference in mentality and couple that with the signings you have made you will certainly finish the season in a heck of a lot more positive light than when you started.

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

We didn't pay £35million for Carroll for potential at all.

We paid that much because it was a last minute deal for their top goal scorer (who scored more than their other strikers combined) who still had a very long contract.

We were being left in the lurch with only N'Gog as a real out and out striker and so had to stump up the money to get him.

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

Seeing as Kenny is being aloud to spend big and bring in some good players i was wondering if you lads think he might be getting the job full time ?

Youd think so with the money theyve let him spend, dont think theyd let him start crafting a team if they didnt have intentions of leaving him as manager for the long term.

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread


Bless him. :P

Cant wait till tonight to see Suarez' date=' Shawcross will be absent for Stoke. Is Carragher set to be fit tonight? BBC say he's injured still but heard him say he could be back for tonight's game? Either way think we'll get three points easily.[/quote']

Nawww to be young and innocent again ey :P

Anybody got a stream for tonight btw? Dont fancy watching newcastle v fulham tbh lol

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

Shaun McCormack's extravagant gesture to prove his dedication to Liverpool could not have come at a worse time: the 36-year-old from Shorpe changed his name to Fernando Torres just before Christmas.

"I did think about changing my name to Steve Gerrard but I wanted something a little more flamboyant," said Fernando.

LOL. What an idiot.

Nice to see scousers crying their eyes out. Almost as bad as Owen to United


Some more idiots

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

Then there was Chris Atkinson' date=' who had the name of Brazilian superstar Kaka tattooed on his chest after becoming convinced that the playmaker would move to Eastlands from AC Milan. Kaka chose to go to Real Madrid instead, and Atkinson was left red-faced.

Not that he learnt his lesson: Atkinson later got a Robinho tattoo after a bet with a friend, this time sensibly waiting for the player's deal to be confirmed. The forward has since left at a loss of around £20m to the club's owners.

Atkinson is not worried, however, and has come up with a novel alternative to having his tattoos removed:

"I'll just wait until I have kids and call them Robinho and Kaka," he said.


this is the best one^. :D

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Re: Official Liverpool Thread

Wierdest lineup in ages:

Reina' date=' Kyrgiakos, Skrtel, Agger, Kelly, Johnson, Lucas, Aurelio, Gerrard, Meireles, Kuyt. Subs: Gulacsi, Carragher, Poulsen, Shelvey, Suarez, Maxi, Ngog.[/quote']

How does this work then


Krygiakos -- Skrtel -- Agger -- Kelly

Lucas -- Meireles


Aurelio ------------------- Johnson



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