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Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News

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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News

AS Monaco have transfer listed several of there young stars Monaco are looking for higher rated older replacements for these players.

The players availible are as follows.

Vincent MURATORI LB 22/86

Nicolas N'KOULOU CB/DM 19/86

Cédric MONGONGU CB/RB 20/86

Juan Pablo PINO AM/FWD 22/86

Yohan MOLLO WING/AM 20/85

Moussa MAAZOU FWD/WING 21/86

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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News


Today it has been confermed Premiaship side Fulham has named Mattuie Beckett there new manager the England manager has signed a 1 year deal and is hoping to lead the Premiaship side towords a top 6 finish this season he is hoping to sign and sell some players and will be looking to sign a few players towords the futher of the team the manager in a press conferance has told press he is going no were this season and is hoping to get a cup this season but can not bank on any signing hapening if he dose not look he is hoping to sign 4 players in the next 24h but has told the fans that could be all that is signed this season.



Today Swedish Forword David Elm has moved to Spain and joined up with Deportivo the 24 year old is hoping to impress in Spain this season and has been told he is going no were soon on a perminant deal and will be welcomed back in England with open arms by Mattuie Beckett.


Young England sensation Criss Smalling is looking to leave Fulham on a season long loan the 20 year old is linked with 2 teams and the manager has told press he is never going to leave Fulham why he is at the team the Youth is one for the Futher here and we are happy he is a player here he has signed a 5 year deal and will be here for that at least.

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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News


Out On A Season Long Loan To A Friend In Need:

Today Fulham Center Back Chris Smalling has joined Argentina side Chacarita Juniors there manager Ryan is beleved to have caled his Friend Mattuie Beckett to get him to loan the England Under 21 for the season and Beckett was qwick to help his mate by sending the England Sensation out for the season the manager has told press he would not play here in the Premiaship and thay whanted him the Fans agree with what I have done so there is no problemes we hope he dose well and could come back with a cup if the team dose well I hope Ryan dose well and we are now looking to replace Smalling for the season ahead.

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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News



York confirm appointment of Jake

York City have today confirmed that Englishmen SirJake will take the reigns of the club for the rest of the season. The news broke out after the 14 year old was seen entering the KitKat Cresent which was only rumours at the time but later at around 4:00pm it was confirmed that he had been appointed the new York City manager.

It is expected that York City chairman Jason McGill expects York avoid finishing bottom of the Division 5 table, it is thought that SirJake has other plans on his mind. Jake is hoping for promotion said a reliable source, he has been given a low budget but he has issued today he will be able to work with what he has to expand the squad to a bigger level.

More to come on this appoint.

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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News




Espanyol Confirm New Manager

After days of rumors and gossip, The Espanyol Chairman has confirmed that Josh Hammond will take over as their new manager. It was a shock to fans to hear that Hammond had been in charge since Friday and that he is relatively unknown.

Josh Hammond is the second English manager to take over Los Periquitos next to Jack Greenwell in 1927.

Espanyol have won the Copa Del Rey four times, most recently in 2006 and have been runners up twice in the UEFA Cup (Now Europa League), but have never won La Liga BBVA.

When asked on his Season Expectation, Josh Hammond answered;

"Well, looking at the team, I think we're really competitive. We are strong and passionate and we all have the desire to win. I think we could easily make the top ten and that's what I would hope.

"We start the campaign away at Athleic Club which I think will be a tough test, but I think we can overcome it.

"And as far as transfers go, we have had a bid excepted. I won't say his name, but he is a well known Spanish midfielder. You will have to wait to see who he is. He has loads of experience and will slot straight into our team. But apart from that I don't expect to sign anyone else."

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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News



Yesterday morning Scotsman Gadga arrived at the Ennio Tardini as there new manager and was full of excitment but that was turned into anger when gadga found out that he as 7 players out on loan for the whole season permenant and can't recall them also there are 4 players on loan at Parma which Gadga said he can't send them back as he needs them in the squad, one of the players out on loan Marco Rossi a CB/LB is a player that i wanted back at the club but as he is on a perm loan i can't recall him, i spoke to Sampdoria manager askin for a termination of the loan but got a reply stating that he can't due to a permanant season loan..

With other places in the squad that need strengthening Gadga as bought in an 88rated keeper and a 87 rated rb/cb..

Roma's Romanian keeper BOGDAN LABONT as signed a 3year contract at Parma and will be the number 1 keeper, relegating Antonio Mirante to backup..

Sevilla's spanish rb/cb ORTEGA SEGIO SANCHEZ signs a 3yr contract at Parma and will also go straight into the squad for saturdays first match of the season away to Fiorentina..

Gadga stated that his main target for the season is to finish in the top ten while the board have gave gadga avoid relegation..


LABONT moves to Parma


SANCHEZ also moves to Parma

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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News


It has been a bissy 24 Howers for Fulham and thay have been bissy signing and selling players here is a list of there deals:


Arsenal Defender Sol Campbell has joined English manager Mattuie Beckett at Fulham the 35 year old has signed a 5 year deal on 27,750k a week and the manager has told press he is hoping that Sol can help us towords a top 6 finish this season he has a lot to do to get in to the team but we are banking on the big man to help us towords the promis land.


Celtic Forword Paul Slane has joined Fulham and the manager has told press the 18 year old could be one for th Futher we are hoping he can do well here this season and he could be on the way out on a season long loan if anyone wants the youth.


Fulham loane Jonathan Greening has cut his season long loan short and headed back to the Championship and joined West Brom in a deal that sore 4M and Simon Cox move in the manager has told press he is real happy to get Cox and is hoping the 22 year old can do well this season he is linked with a loan move and the manager has told press he is one to wach for many seasons to come.


The 22 year old has signed a 3 year deal.

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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News




Hammond's Mystery Signing Annouced


(El puñal de Benicalap (The dagger of Benicalap) at His First Espanyol Press Conference)

Earlier today Josh Hammond revealed his Mystery Signing to be none other than Vicente Rodríguez. The young English manager announced yesterday that a bid had been confirmed, but only gave away that he was a Spanish midfielder with a lot of experience.

The fans were stunned when they found out this morning, and are applauding Josh Hammond for his negotiation skills.

"I am amazed that Josh Hammond could bring in such a skilled and experienced player. The new manager has won me over."

Quote From a Surprised Fan

Vicente Rodríguez started his career with Second Division Levante, making his professional debut at the age of sixteen. He played fifty-four games with Levante and scored nine goals.

He then moved to Valencia in 2000, the club he supported since he was a child, and made a outstanding 220 appearances for the club and scoring thirty-seven goals.

Although Vicente is not a regular in the Spanish squad he is still a much respected Spanish player.

The First Interview With Vicente Rodríguez Will be Coming Soon

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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News



13 sign at York, more on the horizon?

It has today been confirmed that the ravamp of the York City team has started as promised by York City manager SirJake. The Englishmen took charge on Monday evening and after promising the club new faces, 13 have today been confirmed with many more expected. Jake was given a £2.8 million pound budget when he took charge on Monday night and whilst spending he's money very wisely on on-growing talent he still has around £1.8 million pounds left in his transfer kitty to bring more fresh faces in.

The list of players brough in by Jake is very big but key names such as Fransergio, Benitez, Salazar, Miyayoshi & many more other young players but the ones noted being the bigger and recognised names by the York City fans. With Jake hoping these certain players will benefit his squad and help him clinch that much wanted promotion play off spot this season could benefit the club in the future he issued, he said that once the players become even bigger they will attract world wide attention and soon big names will be knocking at the York City door.

What the fans have to say

The most important thing at a football club is keeping the fans happy, making sure they feel their club is being well treated with transfers, money being splashed about and most of all their manager, do they like their manager SirJake? This is what some had to say today to SkySportsNews:

John, 19 had this to say:

"I can see the club going in the right direction under this guy. He seems to know what he's doing, 13 transfers have just been confirmed and many more are expected so I can see us actually being contenders for the play off spots, ambitious yeah but you need to have some faith and I believe in this guy."

Shiela, 54 had this to say on Jake:

"I have been watching my football club all my life and I wan't to see if finally competing for top flight football. I go to every game week in week out showing my appreciation for this adorable football club, the big question now is can this new Jake bring some sucess to the club? We will have to wait and find out."

Ronald, 60 expressed he's thought's:

"I have never heard of him! I just hope he brings some success to the club, I have had a go at plenty of managers that have been at the club before and trust me, I won't be scared to do the same to this low experienced manager either, be warned Jake, be warned! He has made some great signings and up to now I think he will have a long era with us."

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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News



New Player In The Premiaship With Fulham FC:

Today Fulham FC have signed Ján Durica the Center Back/Left Back has joined from German team Hannover 96 to be Becketts 2nd most expencive signing since joining the 28 year old has joined for 7.3M and the manager has told fans he is going to be a key player this season towords a top 6 finish.


Also to join the team was 26 year old Center Midfilder Abd Rabou Hosny the big man has joined up with Fulham with Dickson Etuhu+Stephen Kelly with 1.5M leave to get the Ace the manager has told press and the fans he dose not no much about the star but he is hoping he can be the next big thing and is hoping the 26 year old will play well in England this season.


The last signing shocked Fulham fans when 36 year old Forowrd Jan Koller joined for 1.8M the manager is backing the big man to do well this season and has told press he could be leaving soon if his proformences is not good the manager is hoping for the big man to get goals and if not he will be releaced back to the free agenst.

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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News



Lyon Appoint Nin Chatha

Lyon have shocked the world of football by sacking Claude Puel and replaced him with Nin Chatha in what was a very bizarre move considering Puel had just guided Lyon through to the Quarter Finals of the Champions League.

Puel was said to have been seething at this and was looking to take his former club to court over their harsh sacking. But a club insider leaked that Puel was relieved of his duties after being involved with Avram Grant and that seedy brothel and Lyon did not want their club involved in dodgy headlines so have turned to Chatha to bring the french league title back to where it was for many years.

So far only player to have left was fringe player Ederson who joined Liverpool with Albert Riera & Jay Spearing joining Lyon along with £5 million.



Other low key signings have been Shinji Okazaki from Shimzu S Pulse, Yashuito Endo from Gamba Osaka, Gergely Rudolf from Hungarian side Debreceni VSC & Harmeet Singh from Valeranga in Norway. Singh is actually a distant relative of Chatha so looks like he has done him a favour by bringing him to France.

Lyon kick off the season on Saturday at home against Rob Lewis and his Monaco side who have also been busy in the transfer market.

Chatha was interviewed briefly and had this to say

I'm looking forward to a good season and hopefully bagging some silverware as i feel i have the best squad in the french league


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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News


New Fringe players at Man Utd


Filip DJURICIC (18 | AM/Wing | 75) signed from SC Heerenveen


Papa GUEYE (25 | CB | 88) signed from Metalist (although he requires an operation to remove the football superglued to his forehead)


Reinaldo FELIPE (31 | Fwd | 88) signed from Goias

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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News


Liverpool transfer news part 1(transfer in)

Liverpool In:








Honorato EDERSON










Dennis AOGO




Marcell JANSEN

And Emmanuel ADEBAYOR

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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News




two key players training towords the new season:

Today Fulham have held a open Training sestion and Sky Sports News was there we sore new players and old on the fild and one that seemed to stand out Johan Elmander the X Bolton Striker and he is hoping to help his new manager towords a top 10 finish this season the Fulham manager was also seen training and he even baged a goal but he has been bissy and told press qwick when he could that the team is looking realy good together and this could be the team to work with for the rest of the seaosn.


the big man stood out at training this morning.

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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News




First Interview With Vicente Rodríguez


(Vicente Answering Questions for El País)

On the club and your teammates...

"I've always liked Espanyol, the way they play, their attitude, and just basically the way they handle things. I am getting on really well with my new teammates. They have really helped my settle into the team and I would just like to thank them."

On the new manager...

"He's a nice man. He knows what he's doing and I have enjoyed training with him and the team. He's fair but hard if you get what I mean. He lets us enjoy ourselves and have a laugh but at the same time he is strict and there is a certain line that you just don't cross with him. And I think that's how managers should be."

On what you think the team can achieve this season...

"I think the team are strong at the moment. We have been great in training and we are really looking forward to the new season. I think we can defiantly reach the top-half of the table this season and maybe, have a long run in the cup. I would be disappointed not to have achieved one of these at the end of the season."

On the first game of the season against Athletic Club...

"This is a really important game. Not just for me, but for the entire team. Everyone knows how important it is to get off to a good start, to get off on a high. So I really want to impress the manager and my team. I want to show them how much I can bring to this team in attack but also that I can defend. I believe win can win this match, but it's not going to be easy. We'll just have to wait and see. I've got the thumbs up from the manager, so I'm starting on Saturday."

Match preview to follow tomorrow.

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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News

Division 5 - Matchday 1

York City 2-1 Bradford City

Underdogs York salvage a late winner


York were full of high hopes going into this game, a new manager with a new high expectations of his new players. SirJake, the new York City manager has already brought in 15 new players and as the cash is still there to take for the Englishmen, he insists he is still on the lookout for more fresh talent for the hopeful revamp of this small little club which hasn't had much luck recently. It is a different story for Bradford City though, their fans have high expectations of them, after being wrongly relegated time and time again bookmakers think that Bradford are one of the favourites to get promotion this season.

The game got underway at the KitKat Cresent, funny name I know, you have York in red, Bradford in Orange attacking from right to left of us first half. The game got off to a very slow start, not much action up until the 20 minute mark where both sets of teams were piling the pressure on each other, underdogs York City were the first scorers of the game, Kevin Gall showing he is still a crucial player for York as he rises above the challenges of the Bradford City to nod in York's first goal of the season, York off to a great start, Bradford could of done abit better. Bradford got going again, their heads stayed high and just 10 minutes later they were level, Romanian striker Ganea who joined Bradford just moments before the game tonight suprising many by hitting a half volley outside the box which York keeper Ingham could do absolutly nothing about, brillian from the 22 year old, one to watch maybe?

The teams came out for the second half, Bradford now attacking from left to right, lets hope that the game has as much flair as the end of the first half did, will a team come out on top or will it be as dull as the first 20 minutes of the first period? Bradford City really needed these 3 points to get their league start up and running but it was that key man for York Ingham who was keeping them in the game, a great ball from the left found that big Romanian again who forced a very good save from the 29 year old. York had their chances but late on they snatched the game, the 88th minute was the exact time of the goal, Bradford caught on the break as substitute Van Eeno showed his pace, cutting in 2 defenders and out the other the Begian left footed midfielder ran out to slot home and outstanding and well deserved goal, the Cresent was going wild whilst it looked very gutting for the Bradford City team and fans, York City get off to a great start under their new manager!

Venue: KitKat Cresent

Attendance: 3,721

Referee: Svein Oddvar Moen flags_of_Norway.gif

MoM: Kevin Gall flags_of_Wales.gif

Final Score: York City 2-1 Bradford City

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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News


Tomasz KUSZCZAK is available for loan after being recalled from his short spell in France following the Montpellier managers resignation.

He is looking for first team football so if you want an 88 rated 'keeper then get your bid in!

Gone to Fulham on a season long loan where he will replace veteran Mark SCHWARZER as first choice 'keeper.

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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News


Great Getafe.

Getafe are unstoppable in Spain . 1st at the moment with 12 points .11Goals Scored And 5 goals accepted .

Mergim Paloja after this great start says : I have a great squad ,My squad is just perfect .I dont know what to say,they are just perfect .

These are 5 first games .

[A] Barcelona 3-2Won.

[H] Atheltic C 1-0Won.

[A] Espanyol 0-1Loss.

[H] Cup - Bye.

[H] Sevilla 4-1Won.

[A] Sporting G 3-1Won

Mergim Paloja has been called by 2 Chairman`s .Le mans and Hannover 96 has offer Mergim Paloja a contrat but he has Rejected both of them .

His chairman and fans are delighted at His decision!


Manu Del Moral

Manu Del Moral has scored 3 Goals .He is the best Goalscorer of Getafe .

Manu is happy with 3 goals that he has scored . He says : Is not only me that works for the squad .All squad are playing perfect and the Manager is perfect .


Transferred from Elfsborg .

Emir Bajrami is the only transfer that Mergim Paloja has been sign in Getafe .

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Re: Gold Championship 104 Match Reports and Transfer News

Two 88 rated GK's for loan at Man Utd



They are looking for 1st team football after being recalled from loan spells at unmanaged clubs.

Slapped in a bid for Kuszczak mate - I'm Real Sociedad. Cheers.

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