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what will happen now?


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I made a transfer bid to Elierce SOUZA of Palmeiras for 3.6mil pund when he was rated 84. Now the transfer has not been accepted yet, but in the meantime his rating has increased from 84 to 86. With the increase in ratings, his value has also increased - Palmeiras chairman value has increased form 3.6mil to 5.19 mil. So I was wondering what will happen to the deal. Will it be accepted because it was made before increse in ratings/value? or will it be rejected outright.

PS: I only have 4.8 mil, so can't withdraw offer and bid again....

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Re: what will happen now?

Unlucky the bid will be rejected; you should have bid sooner. :(

FYI, if the player's rating went up after your bid was accepted but before the transfer is complete, you would have still got him but he'd be on an 86-rated player's wages instead of an 84-rated player's wages.

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