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How can I use Pictures on the SM forum? Here's a guide!


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Basically as the title says. For any of you Forumers who are experiencing any trouble getting pictures into your threads or posts this will/should be very handy

:) Good luck with you pics!

Picture direct off the internet by searching:

1) Go onto the place you want to get your picture from (Google or Yahoo!) and select 'Images'

2) Type the picture you want to find. Example: 'Fulham'. Choose one of the pictures provided to you. Click it. Make the image you have selected as a full size image (it will have a shorter address therefore will be easier to add).

3) Go onto the Url box at the top of the screen. Double click it, to select all of the address.

4) Go back to the thread/post you want to add your image to. Paste the address (url) there. Highlight the address from in the thread/post box, and click the button which says 'Insert Image' (looks like a frame, with yellow sky, an orange sun and 2 mountains)

5) Preview your post to make sure your image has appeared. Be pleased that it has! :)Final Result:


How to add a screen shot of my team (or anything) into a post when logged into your account:

1) Find the page you want to take the screen shot of. Paste it onto 'Paint' (suggested by me) and crop the picture to make it the size you want to. Now save the file as a 'jpg' file.

2) Go to http://s139.photobucket.com/ and make an account. Confirm your account over the e-mail address you have selected and log on.

3) After being logged in on 'Photo Bucket', choose your file using the browse option. Select 'upload' and wait for it to upload. Scroll down and find your image there.

4) Select the address of 'IMG Code' and paste it onto the thread/post you are posting. Always make sure you get the full address! Final Result:


How do I add an attachment?


1) Scroll down the thread/post and click 'Manage Attachments' in the 'Attach Files' section.

2) Select Browse and find the image or file you want to attach. Make sure the file is not bigger than the limit! When it's selected click Upload.

3) Close the window. Your file is now attached and ready to be shown... Final Result:

See Attachment below please.

Hope everyone finds this useful sometime when visiting the Soccer Manager forums. If I have missed out or forgot something I'd appreciate if it would be pointed out.

Good luck with your pics!

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Guest F.C. Internazionale Milano

Re: How can I use Pictures on the SM forum? Here's a guide!

well thanks for the thread bobo as this helps my threads to become more interesting

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Re: How can I use Pictures on the SM forum? Here's a guide!

hey mate im trying to post my teams match report but i opened paint and it wont paste, so i saved the thing in my documents and now i can only open one thing from the report onto paint like the liverpool flag and then il try to add the werder breman flag and it will delete the liverpool one?

can u help please!

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Re: How can I use Pictures on the SM forum? Here's a guide!

Guys, to screen shot from paint what you must do is.

1) copy pic into paint.

2) right click pic (in paint) and click copy to

3) give the pic a name.

4) go to www.imageshack.us and upload pic from the site.

5) right click and copy the location of the pic onto the image here and there!

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Re: How can I use Pictures on the SM forum? Here's a guide!

any1 know how to make the outside white bits at the sides go away?

Copy it onto paint' date=' crop the picture (Cut off white bits)

right click image......

copy to...save it


Upload pic....

Enlarge pic....

Right click...copy URL onto image :)

You must crop the pics to take white bits away :)

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Re: How can I use Pictures on the SM forum? Here's a guide!

I can't copy my page's screenshot onto paint' date=' how am I meant to do this?[/quote']

Just download belltech screen saver its a 14 day trial and costs £15 but you don't have to pay anything just turn your system clock back.

Then save all your pics a jpeg then upload to whatever site

Its a decent screenshot taker;)

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Re: How can I use Pictures on the SM forum? Here's a guide!

What else you could do is if your using a windows pc then simply have on the screen what you want to copy and press the 'Print Screen' button which is normally located above the arrow keys.

(For Mac users you need to press Command-Shift-4 then press space soon after you can drag a box of what you want to copy, images should be saved on your desktop)

After doing this you can go into paint and go to edit-paste or just press both control and v at the same time, this will place it on to the screen.


Now press select on the list of commands to the left of the screen and drag a box around the bit you want, now go to edit-copy and that bit will copy to your clipboard.


Now you need to open a new paint and paste your clipboard( as before go to edit-paste or control and v)

Now go to file-save as and save as type Jpeg.

Upload as the posts earlier to this tell you

Sorry bout the large pics i cant be bothered to reduce them



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Re: How can I use Pictures on the SM forum? Here's a guide!

Followed all the steps' date='but no image in the box.:confused:[/quote']

U got it wrongmate. See u click the box icon. Then on ur screenshot u left click and move the mouse. Keep the left part clicked and drag the mouse. A bow will appear. Make a box around only what part of the screenshot u want and then leave. Press ctrl and x at the same time. The part will get cut. Open a new paint thingy and press ctrl and v at th same time to paste. :D

Hope this helps :D

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