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Jake Jervis



Team: Birmingham City

Age: 18

Number: 32

Position: Striker

Height: 6ft 4in

Agent: Ian Taylor

Nationality: Engand

SM Rating: Not On Database

Jake Jervis is currently not on the database but should be by the end of the English Premiership this year. He is a tall striker and has only just signed a professional contract at the club. He has been at the club since he was 13, 5 years ago. He has been a great player in the academy and reserves and thats the reason he has been signed up to the first squad.

He made his debut against Everton at Goodinson Park on in January. He came on for Christian Benitez to play the last 11 minutes. Although he said the pace of the game was a bit to much for him he didnt look out of place one bit.

He has also been on the bench a number of times, The latest being at Pompey in the league last night where Blues won 2-1. Unfortunaly he didnt get a game which was a shame but im sure we will see more of him in future.

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Re: Jake Jervis

When i posted this player on the forum, i thought 'Ive never seen him play, his a gamble' but guess what, he is brilliant. He has gone on loan to Hereford last week and he played his first game on Saturday (yestorday). And guess what . . . HE SCORED. He controlled the ball on the edge of the area and lobbed the keeper

:D. He came on at 70 minutes and a match reporter said he changed the game.

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Re: Jake Jervis

Starting his first game for Hereford last week where he scored on his debut with a nice Lob over the keeper. It was a classy goal, brilliant confidence and knew exatcly what to do with the ball.

But, now he has scored again. Its just gone half time at the game between Chesterfield V Hereford and so far Hereford are winning due to another goal for Jake Jervis which is now 2 goal in 2 games. This time it was a pen. SkySports said it was a good pen, good confidence from the young player and slotted it home.

You can buy him on Soccer Manager now due to him being a free agent. If i was you ill get him because the way he is playing he could be in Birminghams plans next season.

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Re: Jake Jervis

I was at the Everton match. I remember him coming on and asking someone who is he. He looked ok. But nice find.

Yes' date=' he came on for 11 minutes but did admit after the game that the pace of the game was a bit too much and said he will need to go on loan to a lower league club to be ready if Birmingham want him.[/font']

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Re: Jake Jervis

Birmingham City: Why Jake Jervis is not getting carried away despite dream season

IT’S been a dream season for Jake Jervis.


But the teenage striker refuses to get carried away.

Jervis made his senior debut for Blues as substitute in the Fa Cup victory over Everton in January.

Then he signed his first professional contract, securing his future for two-and-a-half years.

And last weekend he netted on his debut for Hereford United, just 24 hours after signing on a month’s loan.

Jervis, 18, said he was ‘made up’ becoming a pro. “It’s what you work for, for all those years to get to,’’ he said. “It’s a great feeling to know it’s done and you’ve signed that first contract.

“The hard work does start now. I am not going to get carried away. I know this is just the start. In a way, the first contract is nice to have, but it’s the second contract, to go on from there and get in the team.”

Jervis came on for the Bulls in the 70th minute against Bradford City. In the 81st, he lobbed the ‘keeper for his first goal in senior football.

He admitted the loan route could be the one he goes down again next season should Blues, as expected, sign high-profile forwards this summer.

“Obviously if I play as well as I have in recent months and keep making progress, even if we bring in two strikers, then hopefully I would still be considered,’’ he said.

“If they say I’m down the pecking order then I’d go on loan for further experience. I had my appetite whetted at Everton, I want a lot more of it, definitely. But I’ve got to work hard, do my extras, more than everyone else. Just keep working hard every day.”

This was a report on him in the Birmingham Mail

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Guest JackWWFC

Re: Jake Jervis

He just looks like another kid that has gone on loan to me. I'd love for him to prove me wrong but, from what I have seen, he looks pretty average.

Hope he does well though..

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Re: Jake Jervis

He just looks like another kid that has gone on loan to me. I'd love for him to prove me wrong but' date=' from what I have seen, he looks pretty average.

Hope he does well though..[/quote']

Typical Wolves fan, cant stand Birmingham having better players/youngsters. But mate, tables have turned now, you have to get used to Birmingham being better now ;).

Anyway back to the player. You say he has gone on loan to me? Dont understand . . must be a typo? And i do not belive you have seen him play mate. Your telling me your a Wolves fan and you went to Hereford V Chesterfield and Bradford V Hereford, im sorry but i doubt youve been to them games. So dont judge him by how you want him to be.

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