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Not Winning These Days


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I use 4-2-3-1 formation, and it was very successful earlier in the season. I was in the 2nd position in division 2, and was winning most of the matches. But lately it seems my team has lost the desire to win. Although my team still dominates in terms of possession, total shots and shots on target, the match usually ends up in a draw. (And the opponents are unmanaged sides mostly with 4-4-2 formation).

So midway through the season, my team is now fourth in the table (with two managed sides hot on my tails).

What perplexes me is that the same formation and tactics I used to win matches previously against opponents with same formation and similar ratings are not working these days. Why is this happening. I have built a team around the formation, so I do not want to change it. How can I convert 60%+ possession and 10+ shots on target into goal? ( I have 2 strikers rated 87 that I use as target men, 88 and 87 rated CMs that I use as playmakers)...

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