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Need back up....


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I have Cruzeiro in a Brazilian setup. Now i only have 23 players.

I have 8m in the kitty. And just want backup for defense, midfield and attack. Just one player for each position.

Any rating, but over 83. and hopefully someone who will rise or have a very promising future. (Lukaku has gone.)

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Re: Need back up....

Leonardo Bonucci/Davide Astori' date=' Delvin Ndinga and Javier Hernandez[/quote']

Thanks for the opinion.

Bonucci is around 4m

Asotori around 3m

Ndinga is 7m

and Hernandez is 3m

I have 8m and wanna split it into 3 positions.

So i have around 2.7m for each position.

They dont have to be young, just back up.

For example iv just found Gary Neville is only 2.3m And he's 88.

Also Daniel Villaba is 1.3m, and he's 17 and 80.

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