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New Teams 4 each setup

Brad Vaughan

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001 is stinky!!

hey dear 001,

no1 says a top 8 club(well if u give us till next season we will be) are rubbish... especially when they r the team i support. anyway we beat ur chelsea (dont worry i know u side with chelsea). and yes tashby i thin we should be in the world championship especially when there are crap teams in it like barcellona, chelsea and real madrid... we r soooo much better then those!!!!

Also by calling us rubbish means u dont follow football or just simply dont understand. we play some of the best football in the league... well at least at home.

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No don't change teams

y dont SM add different teams at the end of each season for each setup if there is a any unmanaged clubs in divison 4 the SM could change them

for examlple say Blackburn Rovers were unmanaged at the end of season the SM could swap them 4 a new team like FC Thun for example

what do u think ???

I think if you change Blackburn or anyother teams just because they are not managed it would make no sense wehat would you achieve just another club different name with no human manager.

But I do think if your team is in the bottom three in Div 4 they should get relegated to a non league with other teams which want to come back up to the division.

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Re: New Teams 4 each setup

Celtics a terrible scottish team.One of the worst in the world.You mean you didn't know that?

I agree and disagree the team is terrible well yes it is but its mainly the manager from day one ive never liked strachan i wanted his as the scotland manager at the time not celtic but i wouldnt take him as either anymore


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Re: New Teams 4 each setup

Hey, dont you think this is going a bit off - topic.

The original thread maker was telling us his idea, and then you guys come and talk about Fulham :confused:

Look, depends what position Fulham gets so we dont know and Celtic are not rubbish (Rangers are better :P )

Enough of that, I like your idea, it would be nice if that happened because it would make it more interesting and might attract more people to join it :D

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