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"The Facebook International" .:|Rafhael Domingues (Fwd - 18 - TCW)|:.

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Get ready for this. THIS is a story.


Toledo Colonia Work (Paranaense)


Rafhael Domingues

18 years old (March 2nd, 1993)

176 cm

Toledo CW PR

Austria U18 National Team

Once in a while, a story comes along that just makes you smile. The story of how 18 year old Rafhael Domingues, playing for very modest Toledo CW of the Campeonato Paranaense, used Facebook to get himself onto the Austrian U18 national team and then destroy the Czechs, is one of those.

Grandson of Austrian immigrants in Brazil, Rafhael Domingues did what any kid would do to fit in in Brazil: play football. Turns out he was quite good at it. So a local team, TCW, took him into their youth system. Toledo are known for their youth system, in fact it has close ties to Sao Paulo and regularly takes in Sao Paulo youth on loan (like Sergio Mota, Mazola, Leonardo, Bruno Formigoni, Diogo, Alex Cazumba).

So he grows in the youth categories until he gets called up to the senior squad this year, aged only 17. Now there arn't any stats available for Campeonato Paranaense, so I won't bore you with hypotheses. Point remains that he was on the team.

Rafinha is a very determined young man. Early on in his teens, he knew that he wanted to play football abroad, so he applied for a passport in his grandfather's homeland, and got it. Well, this year he decided to take another step and to make it happen. Here's an easy guide on how to get an international football game.

  • 1. Develop skill in world's best footballing nation.
  • 2. Post video onto youtube. (Yes, he makes Coritiba's youth team look foolish)

  • 3. Create facebook group.
    Rafhael Domingues for AUSTRIA!!
  • 4. Send link to U18 manager.

Guess what. It worked. In March, Rafinha recieved a facebook message. Shortly after, Toledo recieved a call-up for Rafhael. He flew to Austria with his dad for a friendly, where the U18 manager wanted to test out the player, just a shot in the dark to see if he was something.

Rafhael scored two (apparently) wonderful goals to lead Austria past the Czech Republic by a score of 3 to 1. The match was played in a border town, Rafhael was given a standing ovation when he was subbed off.


Of his future, the u18 manager says that sport is not an issue, and that the athlete is definately good enough. He says that other intangibles will come in play, like language and culture.

Rafhael is already stating that he wants to find a club in Austria or Germany. From what we here of this kid, he'll find a way over.

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Re: "The Facebook International" .:|Rafhael Domingues (Fwd - 18 - TCW)|:.

Didn't think the story was over' date=' did you?

Rafhinha signed yesterday with New York Red Bulls.


Stay tuned!

just last week i looked at this thread and it really stuck out, tried to see if anything had progressed in his career....until now eh!

was on the bench tonight too..

Impact v NY RB

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