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88/89 to 90 Risers


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Re: 88/89 to 90 Risers

I would think that Darren Bent would be a must! Another 2 goals today:)


People will say no because he isn't playing internationally and Sunderland aren't that good but he's scored more than 50% (!!!) of his team's goals and that is incredible. He's the 3rd top scorer in the league, ahead of much higher rated players and really deserves a 90.

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Re: 88/89 to 90 Risers

Marko Marin, 89 - 90

Mesut Ozil, 90 - 91

Bobby Zamora, 87 - 89/88

Gareth Bale, 87 - 89/88

Craig Bellamy, 89 - 89/90

Denilson, 89 - 89/90

Abou Diabu, 88 - 89/90

Nicklas Bentdner, 88 - 90/89

Joe Hart, 89 - 90/89

Lee Cattermole, 87 - 88

Pedro, 88 - 90

Luis Suarez, 90 - 91

Thomas Vermaelan, 90 - 91

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Re: 88/89 to 90 Risers

Mickael Ciani' date=' Angel Di Maria, Diego Perotti! :)[/quote']

-De Maria and Perotti are very good players and will be great..

-but i think that Ciani is a bit overrated (i know i'm the only one that think he's overrated) he will be +90 is the near future

-Pastore, Pedro, Kjaer, neymar are also very good.

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