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Talented Young CM or DM players between 88-90??


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Re: Talented Young CM or DM players between 88-90??

Davide Astori

Started 10 Serie A games since his ratings increase to 85 - perhaps he'll continue to rise but Cagliaris cap seems to be 89 - so maybe e needs to move

Alberto Lora

7 La Liga starts (1 sub app) since last rating increase - Sporting seems to be capped at 88 so again maybe needs to move away.

If both continue to play for their current teams they should get maybe a +2 rise (I'm basing this completely on stats and sure the mighty ratings predictors for these leagues will berate me :D)

Axel WITSEL (89)


Steven DEFOUR (89)

Rafael CARIOCA (87)

Mesut OZIL (90)

Alan DZAGOEV (89)

Diego PEROTTI (89) (Winger)

Aguinaga JAVI MARTINEZ(89)

Ranieri SANDRO (88)

Etienne CAPOUE (88)

Borges WILLIAN (89)

Pavel MAMAEV (88)

Ribeiro Santos AIRTON (87)

Eden HAZARD (87) (I think he'll one day be the best along with Marek HAMSIK)

Thats all mine' date=' there is more but i'd completely flood the thread. :P[/quote']

thanks anyway repped

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Re: Talented Young CM or DM players between 88-90??

Ok who is the best player in this section and warrants the biggest rise and has most potential to be biggest star???

Here are some I think:

Hernanes sao paulo

Marchisio juventus

Axel witsel standard liege

Denilson arsenal

Gentner wolfsburg

defour standard liege

If there are any other players in this bracket you can think of who are better then feel free to suggest.

BTW I know busquets is very good so please can no one mention him as I know of his talents. :)

I've got Hernanes in an English setup and he has been decent at CM. In real life, he has been praised publicly by Jose Mourinho but he said that there are financial complications with bringing him to Italy from Brazil. He could move to Europe this summer and is supposed to be the best player in the Brazilian league. Worth getting if the price is right - if he comes to Europe and settles quickly, he could be a huge star.

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Re: Talented Young CM or DM players between 88-90??

hmmm...all the players I seem to suggest are always everton, but I guess that's cause I watch them the most.

Anyway-Marouane Fellaini. The guy is one heck of a player, before he got injured he was single handedly destroying teams. I seem to recall a fabulous performance against Manchester City

Anyway, potential to be 93/94 ish. Maybe more.

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