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Forum suggestion - spam account report

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We've all seen from time to time spammers coming onto the forum and sending out dodgy links to members via PM. It's clear some see this site and its members as a good target site for their intentions and they seem to be on relatively frequent these days (one on now - MoviezzBazee). Despite the warning not to click links from members you don't know, it's clear some still are tempted to do so.

Sometimses it is difficult to report these members to an appropraite authority (as the admin team do have lives just like the rest of us). In the meantime these spammers continually send PMs to unsuspecting souls promising freebies and rewards. Now the report triangle has been removed from the forum (which when you generated a report, it went automatically to all moderators and admin), its become more difficult to alert the right people who can deal with these unwanted members. I would propose a facility to report these members which would generate a report to all admin be re-installed on the forum to avoid unwanted happiness for those who click any links sent (despite the warnings) and to dispose of these members as soon as physically possible.

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