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best upfront combination.


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So, i'm promoted to Div 1.

I've only got Fabiano, Dzeko, Gilardinio, Falcao and Cassano as my main strikers.

I play a 3 5 2 formation, with 2 CM arrows pointing up/fwd.

Top scorers last season were Giovinco Falcao and Gilardinio.. So, who should i pick upfront for this formation.??

Last season Fabiano & Dzeko got fewer than ten games between them..

Lucio, Ivanovic & Vermalen

Westerman dm

Navas, Sneijder, Fletcher, Di Maria

?? ??

Can't pick myself, you do it for me...

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Re: best upfront combination.

Well it's a new season so last seasons stats count for jack.. go with Fabiano and Dzeko up front, see how they go in their first match, if they get a rating above 8 than keep them if not switch them out until you find a good pair, scoring goals together and getting goals.

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