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Russian young guns


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Curb Your Enthusiasm 1-7

Curb your enthusiasm

Now that Season 7 of Curb Your Enthusiasm Seasons 1-7 DVD Boxset has aired all its episodes I wanted to give my two cents. I enjoyed Curb Your Enthusiasm dvd more than the last two (Season 1 was still the best). When Season 6 of Curb Your Enthusiasm Seasons 1-7 DVD Boxset concluded many of us thought that was going to be the grand finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm dvd boxset. With Cheryl finally having enough of Larry's antics, pairing up with the underwear salesman who befriended her in her time of great fear (Larry was too busy with the TIVO guy at the time) and Larry settled in with Loretta and the rest of the Blacks. Well Larry got the itch to do a type of Seinfeld reunion show to make up for the disappointing ending of Curb Your Enthusiasm Seasons 1-7. He put together the idea that this could be used as a platform to get Cheryl back. As Curb Your Enthusiasm 1-7 started, we see Larry bored with Loretta and trying to get out of the relationship. Larry learns that Loretta may have cancer prompting Jeff to let him know that he better break up with her before she tells him because "you can't break up with someone with cancer."in Curb Your Enthusiasm seasons 1-7 It then becomes a race with Larry to get to Loretta before her doctor so he can break up with her before the doctor gives her the devastating news of Curb Your Enthusiasm 1-7.

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Re: Russian young guns


Alan Gatagov

They both got a good rise last rating change and were spoke about a lot.

Are they potential 90s or just good young players atm? I dont see much russian league

Khacheridi isn't Russian.

I'd sell Gatagov tbh.

Lokamotiv are doing poorly, and Gatagov has only played 20 minutes.

Though this is only 6 games through the season, but nevertheless based on stats at the moment, he isnt going anywhere near 90.

I suggest you buy Dyadyun though, top scorer for the current league leaders, his heading for a nice rise.

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