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Alfredo Donnarumma - The Next Big No.10 Striker In Italy?


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Valuable Info:

Name: Alfredo Donnarumma

Born: 1990 (20)

Club: Catania

Position: Forward

His Career

Born in Naples, Alfredo started his career by playing for Calcio Azzurri di Torre Annunziata (Blue soccer school of Annunziata). He played there until he was 14 when Lo Monaco took him to Catania. Since he move to Catania, he has found been playing for all levels of the Catania youth team and is currently up in the Primavera team of Catania, which is the level under the A-team.

Alfredo has been forming a great partnership with Alessandro Malafronte and most notably Francesco Nicastro this season. Catania are doing well in Gironde C amd are currently lieing on the 3rd place before teams such as Roma, Lazio and Napoli. Much to that achivement is thanks to the striker-partnership between those three. Alfredo has also scored 16 goals, which is fantastic seeing as he isn't the typical striker - he is an trequatista.

Alfredo Donnarumma got a call-up to play with the A-team against Bologna last season, but didn't get any minutes.

His playingstyle

Alfredo is very good one-on-one and is also very good at finishing, which his 16 goals this season is a good proof of. He prefers to play as an trequatista, where he can use his dribblings skills, deliver good passes and use his good shot. Alfredo says that he adores Sneijder and try to play like him, but to me, he reminds me more of Kaka. With his one-on-one skills, good shot, and his way of just run away the defence, he reminds me more of Kaka.

My own comments

Unlucky for Donnarumma, Catania bought Maxi Lopez this past transfer window and with Maxi doing great for Catania (13 goals in 3,5 month), it's highly un-likely he will get a chance in the nearest future. Also, Catania already got strikers like Martinez, Mascara and Morimoto. To sum it up: it's a cracking competition for the three starting-spots. Too add more ''it's highly un-likely he will get a chance for Catania shadow'' - Catania is often buying old players which ''expire date'' went out a long time ago, instead of giving talented youngsters playing time.

The best thing for Donnarumma is to go on loan to a Serie B club or possibly even maybe go to a club like Chievo. Why Chievo then? Well, Chievo and Catania are friends-club and they often loan out players to each other that the respective club doesn't need. Chievo has strikers of low Serie A quality/Serie B quality (exept for Pellisier). With Chievo known for not spending much, why not try to get a talented youngster who is 20 already and try to give him playing time in order to see if he is capable of making it in Serie A. Chievo won't lose anything on it seeing as they didn't spend so much on him. This move would be highly un-likely though and it's just a theory from my side.

If this guy just gets the playing-time he needs on the big stage, I'm sure he will easily succeed an ageing Mascara.

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