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Season one review

Well since I've had this team for a couple of months now and I'm starting to build a decent team, I decided to put a thread up about them and post a few match reports and transfer news.

Well season 1 hasn't gone accordingly to plan. When I first took over the first thing I done was get rid of every single player and buy loads of risers. (86 or lower). I got a massive squad with around 120 players but I was rather foolish for not buying any top class players at that point and I really suffered in the league due to a lack of quality. In my first 15 games, I lost 9 of them, drawing 3 and winning 3. It really was a terrible start and it got to a point where I felt like quitting. I stayed srong and thought;

what the heck just give it another couple of weeks and when the transfer bans run out we can run riot in the transfer market and we'll see what happens from there. That decision to stay loyal to Spurs was one of the best decision I've made.

Again sold the entire squad and got a lot of money. Can't even remeber (but it was a big amount). This was the turning point of the season. From relegation candidates to top 7 hopefuls. With the money I received, I've managed to assemble the best team in the league at the moment and come next season, I really hope that I can challenge for the title. Currently my starting 11 looks like this.


Lucio Albiol Chiellini


Sneijder Alonso De Rossi David Silva

Messi Di Maria

Average rating (93) Average age (25) Average value (£9.6)

I know it's not the best team you'll ever see but I'm working on it. I'm hopeful that I can sign Ronaldo next season and also sell Diarra to fund a move for a higer rated CM or DM. I'm also looking to strenghten my Goalkeeper by purchasing a higher rated goalkeeper after Lloris gets his 92 (not sure if he'll rise). Buffon and Julio Cesar are available at external and I'll look to buy one of them two.

Targets for next season

Challenge for the title

Manage to get the average rating up to 95

Get to atleast the semis of the cup or shield


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