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Simone Calvano - Milan's new Pirlo?


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Name: Simone Calvano

Nationality: Italian flags_of_Italy.gif

Age: 17

Club: AC Milan

Position: Midfielder

So, Calvano started his career by playing for Atalanta. Atalanta is regarded also as having building up the best youth players in Italy. Calvano impressed on many with his box-to-box play, his good shot and his vision. He was a part of the Italian U-17 team that participated in the U-17 youth championship in Nigeria. He was even selected as one of the seven with most potential of the '93 group by the Italian media. Calvano caught the eye of many big teams around Italy and eventually joined Milan in January '10.

He joined Milan alongside two other players in January - Benedict Didic and Houwei Ka Bamba. Calvano had to wait for a while with his debut for Milan though, but finally he made his debut in the Viareggio Tournament for about 2 months ago. He didn't get so many minutes there, but still impressed while he was getting the minutes.

He is currently the youngest player in the Primavera Team (3 years younger than everybody else) and is slowly getting more and more playing time. He is currently fighting for a starting place with Strasser, who is one of the more ''experienced'' in this team and is also getting call-ups to the A-team.

Calvano is an good old box-to-box player. Could easily do a good job as an defensive midfielder and as an offensive one. Has a great first touch, good vision, good shot. Reminds me of both Pirlo and De Rossi.

Calvano has the potential, no doubt. He will have to have patience though. First of all, he needs to secure his starting spot in the Primavera team and I believe it will take a while do to that and namely when Strasser gets promoted to the first team, which should be soon. I really thinks he is better than Strasser, who is just very powerful, while Calvano is a box-to-box player. Calvano has the time to develop on his side though. Seeing as he is 3 years younger than everybody else in the team. I personally think he will get a starting spot in Milan's Primavera team next season. I wouldn't bet my money though that he will be an A-team player whitin 3 years beacuse he is still very young and developing. Have patience with him and I'm sure he'll turn out great.

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Re: Simone Calvano - Milan's new Pirlo?

Alongside Merkel, Calvano has been taking the step from the Primavera squad to the first-team squad this season. Unlike Merkel though, Calvano hasn't been playing so much - not at all infact. Still, it only shows how highly rated he is by Allegri, whom I personally can see beeing a Milan manager over a long period (think about all the transfers he's been allowed to do and how successfull this seasons Milan's been). Anyway, sooner or later, Calvano will get his chance. If it isn't at Milan, it'll be at all another club (most likely on loan).

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