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Godin or Rolando  

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I have too many decent CB's and looking to ofload one in order to raise cash for other areas. In other words who would you keep and let go between Rolando (Porto) and Diego Godin (Villareal) ???

Both play regular,, Godin is in a team in a better lg true,, but ,, Rolando and Porto feature more often in CL.

Who between them is more likely to get to 91 first , and worth keeping.

Cheers guys:D

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Re: Godin or Rolando

Both won't become a superb defender or anything, I think they should both peak at 91 or so.

Godin and Rolando won't rise this change, and both are expected to be at the World Cup for their respective countries. I'll maybe sell Godin if you can get in someone better, as when Bruno Alves leaves Porto, Rolando will be their lynch-pin at the back.

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