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"The next +20 riser?" .:| Mazola (GUA) F - 21/60 |:.


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Marcelinho Junior Lopez Arruda

May 8th, 1989



Guarani FC


At the start of every Brasileiro, it's fun to see who goes where, which loans happen, and which youngsters get the chance to rise. It's also quite easy to see which 75 rated kids are going to get a chance, finally. But, every year, there's one player, rated far lower then the rest, with a lot of promise. In 2008, Fluminense's 70 rated Maicon. 2009, 71 rated Paulo Henrique of Santos. This year, unheard of, Guarani has 60 rated striker Mazola.

Mazola has a background at Sao Paulo. Trained there for most of his career, he was a dominant youth player in their accademy. He first got promoted in 2008, where he played 1 game in the Copa Sudamericana. This is what got him added onto SM in 2010; so SM only considered the 1 game, saw he hadn't played competitivly since, and gave him the lowest rating possible. So where has he been, and why do I think he'll be good?

Well, Mazola was loaned out for 2009 to a small club in Parana called Londrina. This club also produced or developped such plays as Renatinho (Coritiba), Sandro (Internacional), Diego Macedo (Atletico Mineiro) and Bruno (Sao Paulo, we'll hear from him soon). So Londrina is always a positive step in a player's development. Back in Sao Paulo for 2010, he played a Paulista game to see how he was doing, and was then loaned out. Being behind Marcelinho, Fernandinho, Dagoberto and Washington is never good for the development, so he went to Paulista FC, in the 1st division of the Campeonato Paulista. There, he started 11 of 12 possible games, scoring twice. In late march, he did his parent club a favour by scoring the goals that gave Paulista a 1-0 win at the Pacaembu, the goal that eventually knocked out Corinthians.

After his successful Paulista run, newly promoted Brasileiro side Guarani came knocking. They needed to strengthen up their charge for the big leagues so had scouted Felipe Azevedo of Paulista, who played well for Santos last year. When doing so, Mazola caught their eye. So they went to Sao Paulo and asked for a pair of strikers on loan, Roger and Mazola. As it stands, Guarani should be playing with Mazola and Roger up front, Felipe Azevedo just behind them. So players that Mazola is familiar with.

In a recent article for iG Esporte, a reporter compiled a list of the 10 players most likely to win best revelation of the Brasileiro this year. Alongside some players you may recognize (Caio, Wellington Silva, Coutinho, André, Neto, Walter, Neuton and a few more) was the unknown Guarani attacker. He is starting his first game tonight, which by SM standards shohuld get him a +15 to 75 :D.

His style of play is not what you'd expect from a Sao Paulo boy. Sao Paulo like them big and tough; 15 year olds Lucas Piazon and Ademilson are more imposing then Mazola. Mazola is more of a speed and finesse player, who doesn't let his limited verticality limit his play.

It should definately be interesting to watch him progress as the year goes on.

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Re: "The next +20 riser?" .:| Mazola (GUA) F - 21/60 |:.

Was selected by FI onto their "Selecao da Rodada", or best 11 of round 1.

Mazola couldn't've had a better debut with Guarani. Was launched in by Preto and showed opportunism by scoring the first goal for the Bugre on it's return to Série A' date=' ensuring it's first three points.[/quote']
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Re: "The next +20 riser?" .:| Mazola (GUA) F - 21/60 |:.

Apparently, Mazola loves scoring against Corinthians. A true Sao Paulo player.

In his 9th start (out of 10, the other being against Sao Paulo; he couldn't play because of a loan), he just scored the equaliser, his 2nd of the season. (He also has 3 or 4 assists).

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