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Xbox 360 - World Cup FIFA 10.

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Re: Xbox 360 - World Cup FIFA 10.

Yes I nicked the idea from Synyster. :rolleyes:

Yes thats right' date=' to save you lot some dosh, I shall be hosting a FIFA 10 World Cup tournament.

If anyone is interested in taking part or helping organise stuffs, please either post here or send me a friend request on XbL, my gamertag is: The Robocod UK[/quote']

Goooooooodsoooooooooon, both will flop I think I wish I was back on XBOX, lets hope my EMA can help :D

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Re: Xbox 360 - World Cup FIFA 10.

Would be interested, but I think this will fail for the same reason as Kev's did, it coincides with exams and summer holidays, and also the actual World Cup. I dont have much spare time currently due to revision for three exams in the next week, watching World Cup games, and SM. In just under 2 weeks Im off on holiday for another two weeks. In Septemebr Ill be starting Uni and amongst all that, Im actively job-seeking. Hope it succeeds, and if it can be arranged to suit those in the same position to me, then it should succeed, and I would interested in taking part, probably as the USA.

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