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Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

Well Mata might have been unlucky not to get player of the month for August/September, but he's a shoe-in for October so far! Top performance, Hazard looked very good again as well. Gets more and more worrying every week these lads play together.

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Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

No he isn't :rolleyes:

He didn't know where his own goal was' date=' and pee poor mid-week.

Would say RvP/Aguero[/quote']

Completely understand your opinion and understand your choices in RVP and Aguero but dont justify your opinion by a poor midweek game and an own goal.

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Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

Another game, another performance undermined by a few defensive errors. Completely bossed West Ham to the point where they spent the majority of a home game against a side 4th from bottom with 10 men behind the ball, Fonte and Hooiveld have had their problems this season but absolutely dominated Carroll and his only highlight was winning a few underserved free kicks, although ironically there were a few he didn't get which he did deserve. But regardless, we controlled the game and controlled possession, we weren't that dangerous in the first half but more so than West Ham and it was really a matter of biding our time for Lambert and Mayuka's introduction, which we nearly did apart from a mad couple of minutes at the beginning of the second half kicked off by Boruc having an absolute shocker not claiming a free-kick. Then we get back into the game, are on-top and looking like coming back into a game, an inexplicable hand-ball from a free-kick and they have a penalty which just killed the game. Although after that Modibo Maiga scored a peach of a goal, one to watch on MoTD.

The sooner we can cut out defensive errors the better, although ironically despite conceding four today we were actually pretty close to a very very good defensive performance, just 20 seconds of poor concentration and a bit of individual brilliance from Maiga once the game was dead anyway. And the sooner we can get Ramirez fit and have more than one fit full-back in the squad too, having to play Yoshida at full-back again, especially after consecutive 90 minutes with Japan in the last week, was terrible.

I scoffed when the media reported Adkins was on the edge of a firing after the Arsenal game, but his seat is getting hotter and hotter, and our chairman is not a compassionate fellow, if he feels a change needs to be made then he'll make it, and that change is getting closer and closer. Don't know if that will be for better or for worse but personally would rather see Adkins stay.

Also can't make my mind up about the game right now, always like seeing an underdog pull off a big win, but should really start rooting against our relegation rivals!

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Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

Long overdue win for us today.

Deserved it, Wigan were quite good and very good on the ball but we controlled most of the game and we created much more chances and much better chances.

First goal from a corner in over a year and a first goal for Pablo Hernandez as well, although Michu missed a few sitters and Graham missed a guilt edge chance right at the end as well. I'd give these ratings:

Vorm - 7

Williams - 7

Chico - 9

Rangel - 8

Davies - 7

Britton - 9

Ki - 9

De Guzman - 6

Routledge - 8

Hernandez - 7

Michu - 8

Subs: Dyer - 8, Graham - 7

Poor Wigan' date=' perfectly good equaliser disallowed.[/quote']

From where I was standing, he looked a yard offside. Arouna Kone's a very good player mind, real attacking threat for Wigan.

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