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Official Premier League Discussion Thread

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Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion Hi Premiership, We're loaning you Swanseajack for a year. Look after him well. Just entertain him. He often fails to make sense and likes to talk a lot, but I'm

Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Wow what an unbelievable cup upset today seeing Liverpool turn over the Worldwide Super Heavyweights of Crystal Palace.... Went into the game today with

Re: Premier League Discussion Thread So, how did clubs do in the window as a whole? Arsenal Finally sold off a lot of deadwood like Denilson, Arshavin and Squillaci. Not sure Flamini has the qualit

Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

You should do' date=' if we do not sign a striker before tomorrow night, then we are in big trouble. We simply don't have a striker who is willing to take someone and and get at goal, well we do but he's off. No goals in the opening 3 games. Depressing.[/quote']

Relegation surprise candidates?

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Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

;2716893']Giroud is on this' date=' in form, 12 months ago, his opportunity would of been straight at Lloris or high into Row F.[/quote']

I dont think so..

He got a lot of unfair stick last season because of some of the clear cut chances he had but most people didnt notice atleast 6 of those bobbled... Hes getting better chances this season and i feel he could do alot better if he had class around him like Di Maria for instance but that wont happen because Wenger is a kiss arse to walcott and quite frankly Wenger wouldnt bid for him and well he wouldnt want to join us anyway.

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