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Need a couple of midfielders.

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My midfield is abit lacking in depth and was curious where you would add. Bare in mind that its a competitive setup that money means nothing. I play 3-5-2, which as of right now consists of Arshavin, Fabregas, Iniesta, Ozil & Mata. I really need an AM addition to replace Ozil, I guess Iniesta can play on the wing but that would leave me with needing two AM's.

A few names that I will rule out for you as i've tried for many players, but I'm one of them people who just doesnt like part exchange because the managers always make the offer retarded. I also have alot of money so maybe can blow them away. Ribery, Ronaldo, Pedro (I sold him before he came good :sadface: lol) Silva are all off limits.

I will list my midfielders, but also note that I would prefer them to be as young as possible. I know a little greedy to want youth and high 90+ rated.

Iniesta 96

Fabregas 95

Arshavin 94

Ozil 91

Mata 91

Marcelo 90

Marin 90

Song 90

Busquets 90

Pablo Hernandez 90

Kroos 89

Hazard 89

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