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my ajax squad.... any fallers or risers?

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yo guys below is a list of my team... ive recently been shocked with a few fallers in one of my leagues which i thought i was pretty safe with regards to having no falling players... and i was wrong... so this is just more of clarification as to wether im correct on my most important league so that i get no more shockers... already fell victim to tymoshuk falling a point :(


ive not been able to watch the european leagues like i used to due to my bandwidth restrictions on my internet atm. so im hoping one of you guys can set me straight


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Re: my ajax squad.... any fallers or risers?

chygrynskiy has played 1976 minutes on the pitch this season' date=' is that enough to warrant a drop?

also zapata played 3082 minutes for udinese in 36 games, is that enough to warrant a drop?[/quote']

Chygrynskiy might drop.

Pires will drop.

Zapata i would say has a chance to drop due to Udinese's poor season.

if you can p/e these players for more upcoming players it would be better.

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