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Your best SM transaction!

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Re: Your best SM transaction!

A few I can remember from GCs' date=' not including cash offers (me receiving those on the left).

Pique for Zhirkov.

[b']Messi, Pique, Busquets + Pedro for David Villa, Silva and Mata.[/b]

Neymar + Ganso for A. Sanchez.

Elia + Boateng for Naldo.

Ozil for Hilbert.

The guy must've been a complete moron.

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Re: Your best SM transaction!

Mine is a bit of a chain, but i got such a good deal...

1. i bought Higuan for £50m when he was a 92 (and he massively under performed)

2. the same manager bought him back for £15.0M + Cristian CHIVU & Thomas VERMAELEN

3. the same manager then bought Chivu back for 10m + Anelka

so i ended up with vermaelen, anelka and 25m in the bank.

i swapped vermaelen + 25m for drogba and Anelka for Marin + 20m

so for my original 50m i ended up with Drogba, Marin and 15m ;D

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Re: Your best SM transaction!

Lukaku - 500k

De Gea -500k

Piqué - 8 million

Vermaelen - 9 million

Busquets - 500k

Pedro - 500k

Cissokho - about 4-5 million (not that great but alright)

All for it inter team' date=' have since sold vermaelen[/quote']

Like, 30mil, on what would now be worth like three times that much.

Wow, good work.

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Re: Your best SM transaction!

neymar 650k

kjaer £2.6M + Barcellos TAISON & Norvey OROZCO

Javi martinez 10.4 million pounds

gervihno £6.7M

muller and badstabuer for a combined fee of 2.0 million

perroti ván PILLUD & Gastón MONZON

DOMINGUEZ, Álvaro 1.0million pounds

all this is in one barcelona team of mine including players out on loan is worth 733 million pounds i have a budget of 140 million pounds left too!!

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Re: Your best SM transaction!

The players in bold moved to my team...

£16.0M + Miroslav KLOSE = David VILLA


£500k + Souza WELINTON = Holger BADSTUBER

£400k = Sergio BUSQUETS

Martin OLSSON & Souza BERNARDO = Rodríguez PEDRO


£700k + Guillaume HOARAU = Edin DZEKO

£1.0M + Aleksandr HLEB = Jesús NAVAS

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Re: Your best SM transaction!

more than 1 year ago, these two deals happen:

sell: M. Diarra (at that time 27 yrs, 94 rated)

i get: 30M + Busquets (20 yrs, 85 rated) + Pique (22 yrs, 88 rated)

sell: segio ramos for 93M

then i use the money to guys like david silva, thiago silva, alexis sanchez and a few more promising guys from unmanaged clubs

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