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FIFA 11 Official Thread

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Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread

Ok, my starter pack had:

All rubbish bronze players with a silver football and silver fitness.

First gold's highlights were: Tasci, Velthuizen, Kwak hee Ju and the Croatia manager Bilic. Also a few contracts and attributes

Second Gold Pack's highlights were: Paul Robinson, Krvak, Gavilan and the Napoli badge. Included a few contracts and a plus 15 shooting attribute.

Gold Mini pack: Rui Patricio (Why all the keepers!!) Estadio Vicente and two player contracts.

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Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread

You'll regret it. I'd much rather get 15' date='000 coins on the 3rd when people will be playing it on the game than get about 3,000, which is all you'll probably get for Lopez now, if that. :o

Everyone else seems to be getting decent daily gifts other than me. :([/quote']

After only being listed for a few hours L.Lopez's price has gone up to 5000... Still 2 days to go :D If I get over 10000 I'll be delighted :D:D:D

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