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Denmark Superligaen Ratings


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Re: Denmark Superligaen Ratings

The danish league is not very strong & a lot of players, that should & could be in the low 70's is not even in the DB. A majority of youth players leave Denmark to play in the youth ranks for better clubs.

Ex. Bendtner, Eriksen

But a few players turn out great in the danish league. Players like Kjaer, Agger, Poulsen.


Kenneth Zohore





Info: He was added a few months ago to the DB. He could turn into a very good player. Just got promoted this year to the first team squad of the danish champions, FCK. He is the youngest player ever to play a game in the Superligaen...FCK has produced some solid players throughout the years. So watch this guy!

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Re: Denmark Superligaen Ratings

My Corrections:

- Adjusted Ratings

- First Attempt to do this funky stuff!

Some players have been removed. Some players added.



Possible risers/droppers



Dont like this team at all....

Dennis Marshall (LB/CB) 80 ---> 79

Jens-Kristian Sorensen (DM) 76 ---> 77/78

Daniel Christensen (LM/LB) 74 ---> 75

Jeppe Curth (Fwd/AM) 86 ---> 85/86

Henrik Dalsgaard (Fwd/Wing) 75 ---> 79/80

Daniel Freidheim Holm (Fwd/Wing) 85 ---> 83/84

Ronnie Schwartz (CF) 77 ---> 81/82 (talent, but then again its Denmark, so dont expect greatness)

Marcus Tracy (Fwd) 76 ---> 76/77


Brondby IF

Daniel Agger's former club.

Brian & Michael Laudrup played their youth football here as well.

Oh & Schmeichel went to Man.Utd from Brøndby.

Mikkel Bischoff (CB/RB) 84 ---> 85/84

Jan Frederiksen (LB/LM) 85 ---> 83/84

Anders Randrup (RB/LB) 85 ---> 84/85

Daniel Wass (RB/RM) 82 ---> 83

Paul Jatta (Not on DB, Mid) 70-75

Mike Jensen (RM/CM) 81 ---> 83/84

Jens Larsen (Not on DB, Mid) 75

Nicolaj Agger (Fwd) 78 ---> 79 (Daniel Agger's little brother)

Martin Bernburg (CF) 86 ---> 85

Ousman Jallow (CF) 83 ---> 84

Michael Krohn-Dehli (Wing/AM) 85 ---> 86

Peter Madsen (Fwd/AM) 83 ---> 82


Esbjerg fB

Cant remember any exciting this club has ever done..;) Maybe a loss in a cup final..

Lucas Hradecky (GK) 74 ---> 75/76

Lars Winde (GK) 82 ---> 83

Kevin Conboy (LB) 80 ---> 81/82

Kian Hansen (CB) 75 ---> 78

Jonas Knudsen (Not on DB, Def) 75

Jesper Jorgensen (CM/DM) 82 ---> 83/84

Jepp Mehl (LM/RM) 82 ---> 83/84

Soren Rieks (AM/Wing) 84 ---> 85/84

Mikael Rynell (AM/LM) 80 ---> 80/81

Mikkel Vendelbo (CM/AM) 81 ---> 83/82

Tim Janssen (CF) 84 ---> 85

Jesper Lange (Fwd) 81 ---> 82

Emmanuel Ukpai (CF) 77 ---> 77/78


FC Kobenhavn

Biggest Club in Denmark.

Christian Poulsen's former team.

Jesper Christiansen (GK) 86 ---> 85 (In the Denmark World Cup Squad)

William Kvist (RB) 87 ---> 87/88 (In the Denmark World Cup Squad)

Peter Larsson (CB) 85 ---> 84

Ulrik Laursen (CB) 85 ---> 84

Oscar Wendt (LB) 86 ---> 87/86

Thomas Delaney (CM) 75 ---> 76/77 (Good talent) (No Christian Eriksen, but quite good)

Jesper Gronkjaer (Wing) 87 ---> 85/86 (Retired from International Football)

Thomas Kristensen (CM/RM) 86 ---> 85/84

Dame N’Doye (Fwd) 85 ---> 86

Kenneth Zohore (CF) 75 ---> 75/76 (Good talent)


FC Midtjylland

Mohamed Zidan & Simon Kjaer's former team.

Jonas Lossl (Not on DB, GK) 75+

Martin Albrechsten (CB/RB) 82 ---> 83

Kristijan Ipsa (CB/RB) 82 ---> 83

Leon Jessen (LB/RB) 80 ---> 82/83

Jesper Juelsgard (LB) 77 ---> 79/80

Winston Reid (CB/RB) 83 ---> 84/85 (In the New Zealand World Cup Squad)

Erik Sviatchenko (Not on DB, CB) 75+ (Good talent)

Mads Albaek (CM/AM) 78 ---> 80 (Good Talent)

Adigun Salami (CM/DM) 84 ---> 83

Chritian Sivebaek (RM/Wing) 77 ---> 80/79 (Good talent)

Izo Uzochukwu (DM) 76 ---> 81/82

Ken Ilso (Fwd/AM) 83 ---> 84/85

Jude Nworuh (Fwd) 80 ---> 81/80

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Re: Denmark Superligaen Ratings

My Corrections:

- Adjusted Ratings

- First Attempt to do this funky stuff!

Some players have been removed. Some players added.



Possible risers/droppers


FC Nordsjaelland

The club formerly known as Farum...:rolleyes:

Jesper Hansen (GK) 79 ---> 81

Andreas Bjelland (Def/DM) 78 ---> 81

Patrice Bernier (DM/CM) 81 ---> 82

Henrik Kildentoft (RB) 82 ---> 83

Andreas Laudrup (Wing/Fwd) 75 ---> 78/ (Hopefully he will live up to his fathers name) (but I dont think so)

Matti Lund Nielsen (AM/Wing) 78 ---> 80/81

Philip Rasmussen (AM/Wing) 75 ---> 77/78

Nicolai Stokholm (CM) 82 ---> 83/82

Nickie Billie Nielsen (Fwd/AM) 78 ---> 83/82 (was deadly & performed VERY WELL with the denmark u-21 in Toulon 2010)

Rawez Lawan (Fwd/AM) 82 ---> 83

Bajram Fetai (Fwd/Wing) 82 ---> 83/84


Odense BK

Worst club in the world! I really hate that club:mad:, but they finished 2nd.

Eric Djemba-Djemba (CM/DM) 86 ---> 85

Johan Absalonsen Peter Utaka (Wing/Fwd) 86 ---> 86/87 (Missed out on the Denmark World Cup Squad)

Rurik Gislason (AM/Fwd) 82 ---> 83/84 (good player from Iceland)

Peter Utaka (Fwd/AM) 85 ---> 86/87


Randers FC

Errrhhmmm a good word to describe this club.....Hillbillies!

Isaah Ahmed (CB) 83 ---> 81

Mads Fenger (CB) 76 ---> 82/81

Alexander Fischer (RB/LB) 77 ---> 80/

Mikkel Beckmann (Fwd/Wing) 82 ---> 84 (In the Denmark World Cup Squad)

Jonas Damborg (DM/RB) 81 ---> 82

Ricki Olsen (CM/RM) 78 ---> 80/81

Yuri Movsisyan (Fwd) 80 ---> 81/82

Marc Nygaard (CF) 84 ---> 82/83 (Horrible footballer)


Silkeborg IF

Good coach, terrible team.

Thomas Baelum (CB/RB) 80 ---> 78/79

Thomas Hansen (Def) 80 ---> 81

Frank Hansen (RB/RM) 82 ---> 83

Jim Larsen (CB) 83 ---> 84

Thorbjorn Holst Rasmussen (Def/DM) 78 ---> 81/82

Dennis Flinta (RM/RB) 79 ---> 81/82

Martin Svensson (Wing) 78 ---> 79/80

Lars Christensen (Fwd) 74 ---> 75/74

Christian Holst (AM/Wing) 82 ---> 84/83

Rajko Lekic (CF) 82 ---> 84

Kaimar Saag (Fwd/AM) 78 ---> 80



Just occured to me that all listed are possible risers...Hrmmm...they finished 10th in the league out of 12...

Michael Larsen (CB/RB) 78 ---> 80/81

Anders Ostli (CB/RB) 78 ---> 83

Sölvi Ottesen (CB) 82 ---> 84/85 (transfered to FC København) (Should hold down a 1st team spot in FCK)

Andrei Sidorenkov (LM/LB) 78 ---> 80

Michael Stryger (RB/LB) 78 ---> 80

Rasmus Hansen (DM/CM) 81 ---> 83

Mads Jessen (AM/Fwd) 74 ---> 78/79

Olafur Skulason (DM/CM) 80 ---> 81

Johnny Thomsen (RM) 82 ---> 83/84

Kenneth Fabricius (CF) 82 ---> 84

Soren Frederiksen (Fwd/AM) 75 ---> 80/81 (transfered to FC København) (Good talent)

Jesper Kjaerulff (Fwd/Wing) 80 ---> 82/81

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Re: Denmark Superligaen Ratings

Thanks again for these last two posts. How confident are you of the rises for Izu UZOCHUKWU' date=' Mads FENGER and Mads JESSEN as they seem like the best profit makers ?[/quote']


1358 Minutes.

15 Games as a starter.

6 Games off the bench .

1 Goal.

Confidence: I know his minutes could be a factor that could deny him that rise, but when he plays he is playing really good! Energetic, fast & determined. I was surprised to learn that he didnt play 2000minutes!

Could hit 81/82, but I wouldnt rule out a +4 to 80. But IMHO that would be an insult to his level of skill.


2226 Minutes.

25 Games as a starter.

2 Goals.

Confidence: He should get a 81 IMHO. He is a solid player with solid minutes to back it up.


1151 Minutes

12 Games as a starter.

9 Games off the bench .

2 Goals

Confidence: He is in the mix at the U-21 & is a okay player. I am not totally impressed with his performances this season, sometimes he's good, sometimes he just seems lost. 50/50 I guess I would say +4 isnt unrealistic. Maybe 74 -->77/78 is more appropiate.

On a sidenote, The players I would recommend would be, Søren Frederiksen, Kenneth Zohore(youngest player ver to play in Superligaen), Casper Sloth (Just added at 76 for AGF Aarhus, plays AM, his team relegated this season though), Erik Sviatchenko (when added, he should take over Winston Reid's place(on the verge of a sale) when he's gone.) & Thomas Delaney(Hopefully he will get his chance in the upcoming season).

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Re: Denmark Superligaen Ratings

Its funny that sivebaek got only +1... i gave my money for **** ;<

Yeah I was very dissapointed with his small increase' date=' his performances should have been rewarded with at least a +2.

Nickie Billie Nielsen rose +4 this morning, worth keeping for the future?

Hard to say...If he keeps playing in Denmark, then no, seen in retrospect of the current rating changes, not good signs as SM rate Denmark VERY LOW. I know its not the best League, but IMO its surely better than Croatia, Switzerland, Austria etc. or at least should be rated on par with those.

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Re: Denmark Superligaen Ratings

No need' date=' good job I wasn't confident in this thread!


Actually, if you go through all the ratings that I did, I've put the rating that they got in bold, and as of today, I only have 5 that are majorly wrong (more than 2 out) and for a first time, thats not bad imo. Even people who have been doing the rating predictions for a long time get some major ones wrong so :P (bit immature?:D). There's also a lot more players to go yet that I've rated that haven't been done yet. I'll do a percentage of the ones that I got exactly right at the end to see how reliable mine are.

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Re: Denmark Superligaen Ratings

Wow :o ... I did awful didn't I? :o Sorry guys' date=' and thanks jaydee :rolleyes: I don't think I'll be doing this again lol :D

EDIT - Actually, I take this back. :P

See next post.[/quote']

Don't knock yourself down, I checked the stats, mins, games etc & largely I don't think your ratings could be criticised. SM were just hard on Denmark. Mental Note: They'll probably be "mean" next re-ratings as well, just as they were with the USA twice in a row. It's a thankless task, but if you have the enthusiasm GOOD ON YOU!

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Re: Denmark Superligaen Ratings

The Denmark rating predictions have now finished. ;)

I made 92 predictions on this league, and only 61 actually changed/stayed that I predicted. Of the players that I predicted to rise/fall/stay, I have done percentages of the 'results'.

For my predictions, I got:

55% exactly right. :D

30% one point off. :)

15% more than one point off. :o

Is this good for a first time doing it? :confused:

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