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Most expensive sm transfer?


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Re: Most expensive sm transfer?

Actually not. I have paid 80 m + two 91 rated forwards who worth around 15 m.

I also have sold Vanpersie for 80 m + one 91 rated players. I once saw that Torres = 90m + Nistelrooy a couple years ago when roy is one of the best striker.:eek:

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Re: Most expensive sm transfer?

Anelka was never the most expensive. Before Ronaldo (2009)' date=' it was Kaka' (earlier 2009) and before that it was Zidane in 2001.[/quote']

look at the title, :rolleyes:

Anelka - 90m

Veron - 77m

Crespo - 70m

I'm sure these are mainly in GC's, as this is the key players in 106:

(Total values, not including p/e players)

Messi - 3m

C.Ronaldo - 0m

Kaka - 33m

D.Vila - 42m

Torres - 14m

Rooney - 0m

Xavi - 40m

Maicon - 41m

That's rubbish compared to Maicon for 200m with the first example.

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