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The Man With A Heart of a Lion The Ultimate Test

AFC Chewis

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Here i'll post my trials and trivulations in what has too be the hardest Challenge ever no on this game .

I have in African Championship 1 i have taken over Heart of Lions who on Sm have no players what so ever and only 1.9m to spend. In a 5,000 stadium


Hope you all enjoy.

Edit on the tactics page it's quite weird Average Rating Average Age Average Value

7 1829 £22k

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Re: The Man With A Heart of a Lion The Ultimate Test


Scorgie Sets To Work


Just Yesterday Heart Of Lions were in the brink of folding with 0 players and no manager but king Scotsman L.Scorgie came in to save the day coming in as manager and he was given 1.9m to spend. He was able to bring in 2 loans players on the first day another today the squad now consists of a squad of 24 players , 3 of which are loanees.

Scorgie has his first piece of business done KAMEL, Ahmed Ali joined on loan to go down in Heart of Lion history the 24 year old who can play as a Am/Fwd will have a pivotal role to play in the upcoming season his task will be to try and get the goals to ensure safety for another season for the club nicknamed "Giant Killers" they are certainly going to do a lot of that if they want to stay up. " Ahmed will be essential to our plans and this stage will are looking to deploy him in the lone striker role , we know we have a tough season a head , Ahmed experience will be crucial."

The Chairman bought in all lot of free agents most of whom are very poor and the thing is since they are poor and have played football for ages and are not wanted really be anyone they can't be sold because they have no value. So I’ll just have to hold on to them and try and make as best players out of them i can. One of them must surely have some talent but at least they are all young energetic and raring to play Football. I secured to help them team 2 other loannes. MUNGOMENI, Luvhengo who is sure to be a star in the future and highly promising Abdellah Galal i am especially grateful to Dylan for this fantastic player on loan.


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