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I know this may sound like sour grapes as I have just lost the Cupfinal to a team with 10! NMF players. 3 of them was at 1% when the game was over.

But here goes.

Given that players get a NMF they should not be performing as players with 90-100% Match fitness. Their performance should go down rapidly during a game. Resulting in a loss for the most part. Currently is does not seem to be at any disadvantage to let players with 1% Match fitness turn out for your club, in fact it seems to have magical powers (at least against my team).

Players below 50% fitness should play far worse than they do at this point, get injured easier or both.

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Where did you get that from?

Also' date=' I have noticed against unmanaged teams, the other teams NMF don't matter too much, and I usually disregard it when it's the opposition.[/quote']

10 factorial. Anyway, I agree NMF needs to be looked at. Perhaps they should change it to 'Tired' but have the players recoup fitness quicker after a match as most real-life managers do play their core first team players in league & cup games throughout the whole season (i.e. they're not all Wengers). They should then bring in a NMF for players that haven't played in the last four or five games as in not match-fit in terms of match sharpness, not condition wise.

Finally, where it would help in your cup final, they should then drop the player match rating for someone with either of these conditions by 1 rating point which seems to be the system for yellow cards. And yes, I know this is how Football Manager do things, but clearly their system is just better. Just my current thoughts however, I'd be happy to hear better ideas.

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You would think it would link to tactics ie if you're playing a pressing game "All Over", then the NMF would have more of an impact than if your were employing a more possession based approach. If you had 5 in defence sitting deep and employing long ball, it won't necessaily affect them as much as a 3 man midfield expected to tackle hard and press all over.

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