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Cheap Paraguay Risers


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Re: Cheap Paraguay Risers

Looked some up....


L.Cardozo 82-84/85

D.Barretto 80-83/84


Jorge Gonzalez 70-75

Victor Ayala 75 - 80/81

**Look out for Rodrigo Alborno 16 yrs old 1020 mins 16 Apps 11 starts ... to be added to Database**

Club Nacional

M.Riveros 77-81/82

H.Miranda 82 - 83/84

Sol de America

Felix Vargas 70 - 77/78


Carlos Servin 76 - 80/81

Sportivo Luqueno

C.Valancia 75-80/81

Y.Cano 78 - 79/80

Rubio Nu

D.Alcaraz 70-75

N.Camacho 75- 78/80

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Re: Cheap Paraguay Risers

hello guys,

i looked up some names too, but you came first. good job mate.

i add some people, is that alright?


AURRECOCHEA, Pablo Gk 28 78-82/83


BENEGAS, Ismael CB 22 75-80/81

Rubio Nu

RAMOS, Eric CM/AM 23 77-80/81

BARTOMEUS, Tomás RB 27 76-80/81

Club Nacional

CAFFA, Germán Gk 29 78-82/83

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