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|Kunasher's Avatars and Signatures|

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Hey...i am Kunasher and I have started making some avatars..So if you want a custom avatar please post it on this thread and i ll see waht I can make you..Thanks.. Here are some samples: P.S.

Re: Riferimento: |Kunasher's Avatars and Signatures| Hope noboody minds but I gave this a go' date=' havent done a sig in over two years now!!! [img']http://i46.tinypic.com/xqlu1t.png[/img]

Re: Kunasher's Avatars Naa...........sorry..

Re: |Kunasher's Avatars and Signatures|

Wow' date=' didn't saw that sigs mate! Must admit it as epic! I love especially the Robben one :) Not because I'm Dutch, but it's great, one of your best sigs mate :D[/quote']

Thanks mate.:)

Even I like he Robben sig,simply due to the fact that Robben is my 3rd favourite player.:P

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Re: |Kunasher's Avatars and Signatures|

hi mate can i have a signature for my chievo team with the players ribas diego and david pizarro and text saying THE ULTIMATE SM CHAMPIONSHIP' date=' dont mind what you do with it

thank you in advance :D

p.s can you also put play-off winners

thanks again chris[/quote']

Sorry mate,as you can see,I haven't done one in about 5 months and I intend not to to any,anymore.

I'd advice you to see Adam EFD though..

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