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GC124 Official Thread


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Re: GC124 Official Thread

Bradford City just completed the 3rd signing of their feeder club (;)), Lorient! To join the company of Amalfitano and Morel from their older club, joins now Kevin Kuranyi for £9,160,000! But won't be allowed misses like this one..


Pretty decent signing.. as I was looking for a decent forward since a long time.. was surprised that he doesn't dropped and that anyone was interested in him.. he should keep his rating while he is transfer banned as the Russian league only ends 2 weeks later.

Now my first lineup is:

Diego Lopez(91)

Abate(89) - Djorou(89) - Garay(89)

Kevin Prince Boateng(89)

Amalfitano(89) - Borja Valero(90) - Janssen(89) - Payet(89)

Matri(89) - Kuranyi(90)

Marvin Martin is the 12th man ;)

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Re: GC124 Official Thread


Fitzsimmons Takes Control of Torquay

Fans and players of Torquay United have been celebrating after Torquay United unveiled legendary manager, Maurice Fitzsimmons and the new head coach.

At a lavish press conference on Fitzsimmons own private yacht anchored in Torquay harbour, Fitzsimmons told the gathered international media that he intends to take Torquay to the very top.

'As I stand her today, in my ray Bans, swimming pants and flip flops, I say to you, people of the world: Torquay will be the greatest football team of all time. I know you laugh, I know you sneer.... believe me it will happen.

'I have already started on my squad, I'll be getting rid of the cloggers, of which there are legion, and replacing them with the very best players available. Beware world, beware all. You ain't seen nothing yet.'

Fitzsimmons wasted no time in freshening up his squad, with free signings, with midfielder Jorge Ortiz and striker, Tomas Pekhart already signed to the Plainmoor club.


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Re: GC124 Official Thread

Lyon have now got a cracking team together.

Rena 92

Puyol 96

Kjaer 89 - C

Papadopoulos 88

Marcelo 93

Banega 90

Khedira 92

Bastos 90

Hamsik 91

Ryes 89

Balotelli 90

Have some good back up players can come too deals if worth my time on Marcelo and Khedira only if worth my time.

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