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Geraldes from an amateur league to Portuguese 1st league

pedro r.

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Name: Geraldes

Age: 19 years old

Nationality: Portuguese

Club: Rio Ave

Position: RB

Favourite foot: Right

Geraldes is a young talented RB, who plays in Rio Ave and is the most unexpected transfer of portuguese transfermarket.

Geraldes made all his career in Maia FC a small club which until 2 years ago did not have any team in any league due to economical problems.

Last season Maia FC joined to another small club to create Maia-Lidador FC and was in this team, which played in the regional 2nd league, that Geraldes started to play. Geraldes was the most talented player of the team. Geraldes was found in a friendly game against Rio Ave whose coach was impressed with Geraldes qualities and this season the unthinkable happened... Geraldes moved from Maia-Lidador to Rio Ave a jump of 6 leagues to this player.

Future: IMO Geraldes will be a back-up in Rio Ave and will play some minutes in Portuguese League but he has talent and could be a surprise let's see if he can be a surprise in the portuguese league. For now, obviously, he is not on DB, i will send the ticket when he start to play in Rio Ave.

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