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Bradford City - English Championship 5807

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Bradford City - Lost In Div 4

Bradford City where lost in div 4 without a manager yet a sizable budget of 32 million pounds sterling. They hired manager Chris Laye to get this lost club back on tracks and chris set on crafting the side he wanted. He first splashed the cash on a solid back line as the club had a strong 3 fighting for positions on the pitch up front. After crafting a defensive line which wouldnt look out of place in div 2 with ratings of: 89, 80, 83 & 83. He looked at improving a ok midfield full of 70s. He then bought Barca keeper Pinto for 2.8m. Chris had spend pritty much all of the 32m he was given in just a matter of weeks. Man City eat your heart out. But the team he built wasnt half bad.

Looking like this sorted by rating:

J.Magallon - DEF - 89

D.Buonanotte - AM/LM - 88

J.Pinto - GK - 87

A.Yarmolenko - Wing/Fwd - 86

J.Culina - CM/RB - 86

P.Yakovlev - Fwd/Wing - 83

D.Vida - Def/DM - 83

A.Machuca - CB - 83

J.Cordoba - Fwd - 82

M.Donald - AM/RM - 80

S.Leontiou - DM/CM - 80

V.Pryima - CB/DM - 80

Bradford City Link

First Game v Rochdale

The team wasn't fully finnished going into this game missing a Right Mid, RB, CM playing two 77s and a 78 in them positions. Dispite these gaps Bradford pushed on getting a goal throught left midfield D.Buonanotte in the 21st minute. Bradford then controlled the team looking the more dangerous yet they could not find a way through Rochdale until the 74th minute. Where J.Culina headed past goal keeper F.Fielding too make it 2-0 to Bradford. Now Rochdale where powerless you stop Bradford and the very next attack in the 75th minute, only 1 minute after the 2nd goal, the ball was seen in the back of the net again. This time through a powerful low shot by CB V.Pryima!!! Now Rochdale could not find a way back in the match they where playing only to make the result look respectible but they couldn't and in the 77th minute of the game Bradford scored again this time a header from Z.Sadaev (the 78 right mid). Then the game looked pritty much over with either team really going for more goals. The Stats showed how open the game was but still how much Bradford where in control. Having 64% of the ball and having 27 shots 17 on target. With Rochdale having 12 shots 7 on target they where pritty lucky not to lose by more.

Next Game is verus Shrewsbury Town who lost 1-0 to Burton on the openning day of the season. After linning up in a 4-4-2 formation last game. I think they will keep everything the same. Highest Rated player: 78 in Def. Lowest Rated player likly to start: 71 in LM.

Keep Posted.

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Re: Bradford City - English Championship 5807

Bradford City v Shrewsbury Town

Bradford City played host to Shrewsbury Town in English Championship 5807 @ 8pm tonight. The Game started slowly with neither team really taking the game to the other. Bradford then broke the dead lock just after the kick off. When A.Yarmolenko tried a speculative chip which left the Shrewsbury Town keeper helpless to stop it rolling across the line. Then Bradford extended their lead through the other foward P.Vakovlev headed home in the 65th minute. Then for the second game in a row we scored in the 77th minute this time through J.Culina. Then the game tailled off.

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