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Fantasy Premier League!!JOIN!!

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I've setup a Soccermanager forum league and i would like to get as many people as possible it join it.

I'm sure many of you have played this before but if you haven't its pretty easy to get started, just create your team, design your kit and then choose your players.

When you have created your team enter this code(below) to join the league.

CODE- 241539-65094

Managers so far

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Guest drseanfitz

Re: Fantasy Premier League!!JOIN!!

after slaughtering you in the 5579 World cup league, thought I'd better join, give you a chance of revenge

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Re: Fantasy Premier League!!JOIN!!

We have 22 members in now, Would like around 30 people to join to make it that bit more competitive.

Matty-avfc mat humphries

Calgary Kickers Julian Dawson

davysdirtydozen David Fyfe

Man Utd Chewis Luis Scorgie

Tomlins' elite Dan Tomlins

Bourkey Lee Bourke

Wílton Figueiredo FC Daniel Johansson

Jenks Chris Jenkins

KatzefFC Jared :D

The Candyman's X1 Josh Ward

Talons FC Sam Wainwright

Jonaldinho FC Jon Ashby

Diego Ribas XI Akash M

Geordie Vuvuzela Liam Smith

Norfolk 'n' Chance Phil Russo

Arkham at Heart sean fitzpatrick

Sheep Boinker Aidan Radford

Ryuuk's Kira XI Dimi Sidi

Man City Revolution James Prike

TheShiit Dan Millard

Dream Team XI Dale Selby

Jyväskylän Nousu Anders Limpar

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Re: Fantasy Premier League!!JOIN!!

IN, after narrowly being beaten in last years one. And i WAS TRYING! ;)

Should be a good season, interesting to see how the newly promoted teams do, could be some gems to be picked up there.

Best of luck to all.

The Pink Stripes btw.

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